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Atypical Liver Resection sg 6-7-8 and Left Colectomy...

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Video case: 70-years old  female patient; non-ID type 2 DM;•Dg – stenotic left colon adenocarcinoma and single segment 7 liver metastasis (7x6x6 cm) invasive in the right hepatic vein.

The Evolution of LESS Cholecystectomy without...

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Video case surgery: the Evolution of LESS Cholecystectomy without General Anesthesia.

LESS Cholecystectomy with Concomitant Total Hysterectomy...

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Surgical video case: LESS cholecystectomy with concomitant total hysterectomy & bilateral salpingo-oophorectomy. 

LESS Cholecystectomy without General Anesthesia

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Surgical video case: LESS cholecystectomy without general anesthesia.

Post Heart Transplantation Redo CABG off Pump...

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In the video case of CAD post heart transplantation it is an important problem to consider what to do for patients with CAD in this video we review this issue and how to perform CABG redo in transplanted...

Left Lower Lobe Tumor of the Lung with Invasion...

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Clinical video case: SCC of the lung invaded LV apex and lat wall of LV undergone resection and LV reconstruction with patch and pledgetes.

Small Bowel Polyp EMR

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A case of an elderly male in his 70s with history of CAD s/p three coronary stents almost 14 months ago on dual antiplatelets who during workup for iron deficiency anemia was found to have a large mid-jejunal...

Palliative Laparoscopic Ileotransversostomy

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Surgical video case: a female patient with extensive hepatic flexure mass (histological verification shows mammar carcinoma) is presented in this video. Due to obstruction is imminint, a palliative ileotransversostomy...

Complete SVCS Reconstruction of SVC with Tubularized...

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SVC of patient completely occluded due to chronic catheter resection done without CPB and replacement with tubularized bovine pericardial patch performed.

TEE Visualization of Severe Mitral Valve Incompetence:...

Mohammed Zidan

Specialty:  Cardiology
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TEE mid esophageal 4 chamber view, showing LA,LV, MV inbeween. The images shows mal coapted mitral valve leaflets with severe central jet of mitral incompetence.

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