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Robotic Hepatectomy of Segments VII and VIII

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Surgical video case: robotic hepatectomy of segments VII and VIII.  

Robotic Pancreaticoduodenectomy for Ductal Adenocarcinoma

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Surgical video case: robotic pancreaticoduodenectomy for ductal adenocarcinoma.  - 78 y/o man with painless jaundice and unintentional weight loss - CT scan showed a 4 x 2.5 x 2 cm mass at the head...

LESS Cholecystectomy with Concomitant Supracervical...

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Video case surgery: LESS cholecystectomy with concomitant supracervical hysterectomy without general anesthesia.  

Management of Spermatic Cord Lipomas

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Video case surgery: A spermatic cord lipoma is found in 20–70% of all inguinal hernia repairs. The clinical picture of an inguinal hernia with bulging and pain but without an actual indirect hernia...

Left Incisional Recurrent Inguinal Hernia Repair

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Laparoscopic hernia repair is now often done for bilateral and recurrent inguinal hernia. The  technique results in faster recovery, less pain and earlier discharge. However, significant pain and...

Case Presentations: #1 Total Gastrectomy For...

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Two unfortunate patients with advanced cancers (case 1 - advanced gastric cancer; case 2 – locally invasive right colon cancer), cases that reflect the tragic reality of our health care system:...

Posterior Right Sectionectomy with Resection...

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Surgical video case: posterior right sectionectomy with resection of the right hepatic vein, for colon cancer metastasis - case presentation.

Atypical Liver Resection sg 6-7-8 and Left Colectomy...

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Video case: 70-years old  female patient; non-ID type 2 DM;•Dg – stenotic left colon adenocarcinoma and single segment 7 liver metastasis (7x6x6 cm) invasive in the right hepatic vein.

During TAAP When a Lipoma of the Cord is Present

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Video case: during TAAP when a lipoma of the cord is present dissection of the sac to reach its fundus can be guided by this fundus-like structure coming in the opposite direction and you can peel it...

The Evolution of LESS Cholecystectomy without...

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Video case surgery: the Evolution of LESS Cholecystectomy without General Anesthesia.

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