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Hourglass Gallbladder Remnant Concomitant with...

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Surgical video case: gallbladder anatomy is highly variable, and surgeons must be prepared to identify anomalies of form, number, and position. Variants include gallbladder agenesis, diverticulum, duplication,...

Adequate Heller Myotomy

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Laparoscopy video case: five trocars were placed in the upper part of the abdomen. The gastroesophageal junction and lower mediastinal esophagus were widely mobilized while both vagus nerves were preserved....

Use of Stapling Device for Cystic Duct Closure...

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Laparoscopic stapling devices have been applied in several operations, and they are reported to be a safe and feasible method of cystic duct closure. The division and clipping of the CBD have been widely...

Avoiding Injuries - CVS

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Making critical safety view a habbit in every case helps you in a difficult case, to avoid injuries.

Primary Closure of the CBD Over an Antegrade...

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Common bile duct exploration is an important surgical intervention when endoscopic retrograde cholangio-pancreatography fails. The main reasons for using T-tube drainage after common bile duct exploration...

Laparoscopic Parastomal Hernia Repair

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68 yrs old patient who underwent Miles rectal amputation for cancer with left terminal colostomy. Patient reported pain in the hernia site and evacuation difficulties. The use of the (*brand hidden*)...

eCut Insert in Bipolar Coagulation Forceps

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The use of an eCut insert in bipolar coagulation forceps in laparoscopic appendectomy will minimize your need for the use of a scissor every now and then to divide the coagulated segment of the mesoappendix....

Ovarian Cancer Cytoreductive Surgery. Unedited...

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This is the Part III of UNEDITED video of cytoreductive surgery for ovarian cancer. The disease clearance in the pelvis is demonstrated.   

Two Cases of Embolization Varicocele Treatment

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Step by step embolization varicocele treatment in two different cases.

Ovarian Cancer Cytoreductive Surgery. Unedited...

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This is the Part II of UNEDITED video of cytoreductive surgery for ovarian cancer. The disease clearance in middle  abdomen is demonstrated.