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Thumb CMC Arthroplasty with LRTI

Thumb CMC Arthroplasty with LRTI

Dr. Aaron Freilich, UVA professor, describes his technique for thumb CMC arthroplasty using a flexor carpi radialis interposition.

Distal Interphalangeal Joint Arthrodesis

Distal Interphalangeal Joint Arthrodesis

Dr. Aaron Freilich, UVA professor, describes his technique for small finger DIPJ arthrodesis

Implant Microsurgery: Deciduous Molar Transition to an Implant

Implant Microsurgery: Deciduous Molar Transition...

This patient had a deciduous molar (baby tooth) that was retained and had to be removed. The preparation of the site for an implant was simplified by the use of a bone graft putty allowing for flapless extraction and no suturing!

Cranial Nerve Examination

Cranial Nerve Examination

This video shows cranial nerve examination, which is the essential part of neurological examination. Video by Geeky Medics.

Matrix, Wedge and Teflon

Matrix, Wedge and Teflon

Sometimes to improve the matrix fitting on the cervical margin we have to use teflon and we put teflon between the wedge and the matrix. Moreover to simplify the access on the second cavity class we can put the matrix-ring after to put the composite inside of the cavity. Video thanks to dr Salvatore Scolavino.

RCT with Borate and SAF

RCT with Borate and SAF

In this video dr Maciej Czerwiński presents a case of RCT with initial shaping with Biorace and final with SAF system. Video thanks to dr Maciej Czerwiński.



In that video dr Salvatore Scolavino shows a clinical case of direct restoration using bulkfill and stain brown with sandwich technique in a first class cavity. Video thanks to dr Salvatore Scolavino.

Bonding HYRAX

Bonding HYRAX

In this video dr Amr Asker shows how to put Hyrax expander in the maxilla. Video thanks to dr Amr Asker.

Implant Microsurgery: Immediate Implants and Provisionals Lower Cuspid and Lateral

Implant Microsurgery: Immediate Implants and...

This patient had two teeth that needed to be removed. In this case we were able to replace them at the same appointment.


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Being focused on new endoscopic techniques in medicine (ESD - endoscopic submucosal dissection), I understand well the need to promote the latest innovation and discoveries. I recommend MEDtube video sharing website for doctors as tool to disseminate techniques and technologies improving doctors' skills and awareness globally. Good luck.

Takuji Gotoda,

Tokyo Medical University Hospital

I was excited to discover MEDtube during my online research for video content in ortopedics. Such project was missing. Professional medical education requires more open and innovative approach. I will use the platform in my teaching activities and publish own content. I look forward to joint projects with MEDtube and promise my personal support in Hong Kong and continental China. Good luck!

Shekhar Kumta,

Orthopaedic Surgeon, Dir. of the Teaching & Learning Resource Centre, The Chinese University of Hong Kong, China

I have devoted my long professional career to technology harvesting of innovation in medicine and new technologies in surgery. One of the most difficult barriers to innovation has been the real-time access to information about the rapidly emerging new technologies. It is this inefficiency in the timely availability of announcements of new discoveries that has slowed the diffusion of new technologies and impaired their early adoption.. MEDtube is a powerful new platform that provides healthcare professionals a much more immediate exposure to such new technologies. MEDtube is a welcome addition of rapid access to trusted healthcare knowledge and early discovery which is as much of a game-changers as the innovations which they report.

Richard Satava,

Department of Surgery, University of Washington