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Neuhann Anterior CCC Optic Capture for Posterior Capsule Tear

Neuhann Anterior CCC Optic Capture for Posterior...

Video showes Neuhann anterior CCC optic capture for posterior capsule tear. Video by Howard V. Gimbel MD, MPH, FRCSC

Membrane Optic Capture For Sunset Syndrome

Membrane Optic Capture For Sunset Syndrome

Video showes membrane optic capture for subluxated lens - sunset syndrome. Video by Howard Gimbel MD, MPH, FRCSC

Crohn Colitis

Crohn Colitis

Severe Crohn colitis with diffuse inflammatory polyps.

Robotic Surgery For Hilar Kidney Tumor

Robotic Surgery For Hilar Kidney Tumor

This video shows robotic surgery for hilar kidney tumor. Partial nephrectomy is a advanced minimally invasive surgical procedure which preserves the kidney function while removing the kidney tumor with a safe margin. A good imaging study with a CT renal angiography and reconstructive images gives a three dimensional overview of the location of tumor and its vascular supply. It helps significantly in surgical planning. Robotic approach helps in faster, precise reconstruction thus minimizing warm ischemic time. Author of this video is Dr. Rajiv Radav from India.

Robotic Surgery: Adrenal Tumor (Conn's Syndrome)

Robotic Surgery: Adrenal Tumor (Conn's Syndrome)

This video shows robotic left adrenalectomy for functional adenoma with Conn's syndrome (primary hyperaldosteronism). It is a rare benign tumor of adrenal causing hypertension and hypokalemia (with periodic paralysis). Surgery is curative. Robotic Surgery is a minimally invasive approach of treatment with almost no blood loss and faster recovery. Author of this video is Dr Rajiv Yadav from India.

EMR: Snare Margin Cut of a Depressed Rectal Lesion

EMR: Snare Margin Cut of a Depressed Rectal...

In this particular case, the endoscopist used EndoCut Q cut to bury the snare around the lesion and prevent slippage before the snare was closed to remove this flat and depressed lesion after injection of 10 ml of saline. En bloc resection with one margin positive for adenoma was performed; intramucosal cancer with HGD.

II B Lesion Adjacent to EMR Scar in Colonoscopic View

II B Lesion Adjacent to EMR Scar in Colonoscopic...

This was a mixed lesion of IIA and IIB lesion. The author resected the IIA lesion and did not recognize the II B lesion. Hence it is important to carefully survey the scar so that during surveillance you could pick such subtle lesions overlooked during the first examination.

Biopsy of LST Granular Tumor

Biopsy of LST Granular Tumor

Video presents a case of patient who was on anticoagulants for a recent diagnosis of DVT of less than 1 week and had an ovarian mass awaiting surgery. It was decided to take a biopsy and come out to avoid the risk of bleeding in the middle of anticoagulation of a freshly diagnosed clot.

Inflammatory Polyposis in Colonoscopy

Inflammatory Polyposis in Colonoscopy

This video presents a case of inflammatory polyposis in a colonoscopic view. See the inflammed mucosa.


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