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Shell Bone Block with Simultaneoulsy Dental Implants...

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The use of a shell bone block typically refers to a bone grafting technique in oral and maxillofacial surgery. This technique involves using a block of bone, often shaped like a shell, to augment or reconstruct...

TEP Hernia Repair Using Self Fixating Mesh (full...

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Typical TEP Repair. Self-fixating mesh, tack-free fixation. General Hospital of Aigio - Greece. (full video edited only for dead time).

High Pressure Injection Injury of the Hand

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High-pressure injection injuries usually occur in young males and they typically occur to the index finger or to the palm of the hand from lack of experience or misuse of paint spray guns or grease guns....

How Does Broken Bone Heal?

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The video shows the stages of healing of a fracture. 

Laparoscopic Appendectomy Using Bipolar Diathermy

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Surgical video: laparoscopic appendectomy using bipolar diathermy. Video article: pdf.  

Critical RTA Injuries

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Cts video: critical RTA injuries. All data in video. Thanks alot to my team.. .

Surgical Technique of TachoSil® Application for...

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Procedrual video of key surgical technique of a bariatric patient with BMI of 44 with challenging leakage and oozing along the staple line of the greater curvature. Task to improve complication rate for...

Surgical Technique for TachoSil® Use in Bariatric...

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Surgical technique on a bariatric patient with BMI of 49 with comorbidities. After gastric pouch creation, creation of biliopancreatic limb, jejunojejunostomy creation and creation of gastrojejunostomy,...

Large Trigeminal Schwannoma Ophthalmic Division...

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Clinical video case: this 50 yrs lady had large trigeminal schwannoma within the orbit cavernoussinus parasellar region with gross proptosis. This was removed microsurgically through fronto...

Autoimmune Hepatitis

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Autoimmune hepatitis as the name suggests is when the bodies own immune cells attack the liver cells resulting in inflammation. The disease may be asymptomatic (meaning no symptoms) or start as acute...

Ehlers-Danlos Syndromes

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Ehlers-Danlos syndrome (EDS) refers to a collection of rare genetic disorders that impact connective tissue. These conditions are marked by distinct features such as stretchable skin, flexible joints,...

Quadriceps Muscle - Quadriceps Muscle Injury,...

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Teching video: Quadriceps Muscle - Quadriceps Muscle Injury, Strain, Quadriceps Contusion.

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