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Bone Augmentation in Extreme Atrophic Lower Jaw

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Autogenous grafts involve using bone harvested from the patient's own body to augment or replace bone in another location. This type of grafting is considered advantageous because it minimizes the risk...

Round Window Anatomy and Endoscopic Assisted...

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Clinical discussion: round window anatomy and endoscopic assisted cochlear implant. Guest: Davide Soloperto. 

Endocscopic Microdebridder-Coblation Assisted...

views: 138 comments: 0

Ent surgical video: adenoidectomy performed endoscopically using microdebridder & coblation causing less bleeding & recurrence.

Reverse-Mirrored Grisotti Flap For Central Breast...

views: 1110 comments: 1

Central (retro-areolar) breast cancers were previously considered a contraindication to breast-conserving surgery and so were inevitably treated with mastectomy because of that central quadrantectomy...


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The most common locations for accessory spleens are the hilum of the spleen and adjacent to the tail of the pancreas. They may be found anywhere along the splenic vessels, in the gastrosplenic ligament,...

Quadriceps Muscle - Quadriceps Muscle Injury,...

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Teaching video: Quadriceps Muscle - Quadriceps Muscle Injury, Strain, Quadriceps Contusion.

Carpal Tunnel Injection. Is Injection Helpful?

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Carpal tunnel syndrome is very common and it is caused by compression of the median nerve at the level of the wrist. Is carpal tunnel injection helpful?

Osteolysis of the Distal Clavicle in Weight Lifters

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This video provides osteolysis of the distal clavicle in weight lifters.

Shell Bone Block with Simultaneoulsy Dental Implants...

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The use of a shell bone block typically refers to a bone grafting technique in oral and maxillofacial surgery. This technique involves using a block of bone, often shaped like a shell, to augment or reconstruct...

TEP Hernia Repair Using Self Fixating Mesh (full...

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Typical TEP Repair. Self-fixating mesh, tack-free fixation. General Hospital of Aigio - Greece. (full video edited only for dead time).

High Pressure Injection Injury of the Hand

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High-pressure injection injuries usually occur in young males and they typically occur to the index finger or to the palm of the hand from lack of experience or misuse of paint spray guns or grease guns....

How Does Broken Bone Heal?

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The video shows the stages of healing of a fracture. 

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