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Bronchial Wash

TSC Life

Specialty:  Pulmonology
views: 328 comments: 0

This video is presenting how to perform a bronchial wash with a single-use bronchoscope. The successful miniaturisation of Broncoflex has resulted in a large working channel in a medium-sized scope, supporting...

Donation After Cardiac Death

views: 68 comments: 0

Professor Zeraatian's research on donation after cardiac death (DCD) illuminates a critical aspect of organ transplantation. His work delves into the ethical considerations, medical protocols, and logistical...

Intracapsular Femoral Fractures

kemal gokkus

Specialty:  Orthopedics
views: 25 comments: 0

Intracapsular femoral neck fractures. Reduction technique. 

Chronic Rhinosinusitis with Polyps - Fullhouse...

views: 34 comments: 0

Chronic Rhinosinusitis with Polyps - Fullhouse FESS. By Xavier Gonzalez-Compta MD, PhD at VII Hands on FESS course EENS Barcelona 2017.  

Ectopic Pregnancy

views: 39 comments: 0

Video case: 11 weeks pregnant lady completely asymptomatic came few days before her formal dating scan for just routine check up.

Biomechanics of Fracture Fixation

views: 20 comments: 0

Biomechanics of fracture fixation. Join the channel membership to unlock access to premium courses com/channel/UCpKGX6esbmV364XDaTQGckQ/join

Mitral Valve Repair for Native Mitral Valve Endocarditis...

views: 420 comments: 0

Reviewing surgical video from a case study, we explore the complexity of diagnosing mitral valve endocarditis, especially when there is a risk of embolism. In this discussion, we review: ● The key role...

Risk Factors for Sudden Cardiac Death from Arrhythmic...

views: 398 comments: 0

Arrhythmic mitral valve prolapse has been identified as a potential cause of sudden cardiac death among some patients with primary mitral regurgitation. What are critical indications and possible mechanisms?...

Treating Secondary Mitral Valve Regurgitation...

views: 288 comments: 0

Secondary mitral valve regurgitation increases the dangers of heart failure, and the two conditions are often encountered together. In this discussion, we highlight: ● The destructive feedback loop between...

Why Mitral Valve Repair Surgery is the Safest...

views: 644 comments: 0

In this discussion, we review a six-year study of over 53,000 patients that reveals the extraordinary safety and durability of mitral valve repairs among patients with primary mitral regurgitation. We...

Left Ventricular Pseudoaneurysm: A Surprising...

views: 833 comments: 1

In this video, we review a challenging case of a 48-year-old woman presenting with chest pain. We explore the role of Echo, CT, and MRI imaging, and highlight how surprising and dramatic results led to...

Mitral Annular Calcification (MAC): An Algorithmic...

views: 569 comments: 0

Mitral Annular Calcification (MAC) is a complex and increasingly common syndrome. In this discussion, we review Mount Sinai’s proven algorithm for determining the best treatment for MAC, as well as imaging...

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