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Explore thoracic surgery through comprehensive videos and expert discussions. Learn about surgical interventions involving the chest and thoracic organs, and stay updated on the latest techniques.

Thoracic Surgery is a surgical specialty that focuses on the treatment of conditions affecting the chest, including the lungs, esophagus, and mediastinum. Thoracic surgeons, highly trained professionals, perform surgeries such as lung resections, esophagectomies, and mediastinal tumor removals. They play a crucial role in the management of thoracic cancers, congenital anomalies, and other disorders requiring surgical intervention in the chest cavity. Thoracic Surgery contributes to improving respiratory and cardiovascular health in patients with thoracic conditions.

The field involves advanced surgical techniques, including video-assisted thoracoscopic surgery (VATS) and robotic-assisted procedures, to minimize invasiveness and enhance recovery. Thoracic surgeons often collaborate with pulmonologists, oncologists, and other specialists to provide comprehensive care for patients with complex thoracic issues. Advances in thoracic surgery contribute to better outcomes for patients with lung cancer, esophageal disorders, and other conditions affecting the chest.
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Resection of Aorto-Pulmonary Window Tumour Mass,...

views: 10207 comments: 5

62 year old lady with previous right upper lobectomy for t1a n0 m0 lung 8mm adenocarcinoma 3 years ago. Asymptomatic. Surveillance annual ct scan imaging shows a 2cm left mediastinal mass. On a pet scan...

Colorectal Cancer and Metastasis to Liver and...

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This is a case of a patient with colorectal cancer and metastasis to liver and lung, treated with radio ablation in another service. PET scan control demonstrated lung recrudescence of the disease then...

Robotic Stapler For Left Upper Lobectomy

views: 4617 comments: 0

Robotic stapler for left upper lobectomy. Tessitore A, Patella M, Casiraghi M and Cafarotti S. Ente Ospedaliero Cantonale-Ticino, Switzerland.

Anatomic Segmentectomy - Robotic Procedure

views: 1924 comments: 2

CTS video case: anatomic segmentectomy - robotic. 

Versius Robotic Middle Lobectomy

views: 5046 comments: 0

This is a great video of a Cambridge Medical Robotics Pulmonary Lobectomy. This is the middle lobe used in conjunction with the new 8mm vascular stapler.   

Robotic Right Upper Lobectomy CMR Versius

views: 615 comments: 0

Right upper lobectomy and nodal dissection performed using CMR Versius Robotic Platform at University Hospital Southampton performed by Dr Alessandro Tamburrini.

Robotic Right Lower Lobectomy CMR Versius

views: 529 comments: 0

RATS lower lobectomy performed with CMR Versius Robotic platform at University Hospital Southampton. Surgery by Dr Alessandro Tamburrini.

Right Middle Lobe Wedge Resection, Frozen Section...

views: 816 comments: 0

This case describes a right middle lobe wedge resection, frozen section (adenocarcinoma), middle lobectomy and lymphadenectomy with the Versius Surgical Robotic System, performed by Dr Lukacs Veres of...

Broncoflex - Double Lumen Endobronchial Tube...

TSC Life

Specialty:  Thoracic Surgery
views: 1047 comments: 0

In cardiothoracic surgery, it may be necessary to exclude ventilation of the lung that is being operated on or located close to the site of surgery using a double-lumen tube. Single lung ventilation involves...

Unedited Robotic S1 Right Upper Lobe Segmentectomy

views: 1171 comments: 0

Robotic surgery video case: growing 8mm FDG-PET avid tumour in the posterior aspect of the apical segment right upper lobe lung. Robotic segmetectomy resection performed. Patient discharged 48 hours postop....

Robotic Right S2+6 Lung Segmentectomy

views: 1722 comments: 3

Surgical video: robotic right  S2+6 lung segmentectomy. 

Robotic Pulmonary Right Upper Lobectomy, Unedited...

views: 3788 comments: 0

Video case: this 52 yo male had a 28mm semisolid lesion in the right upper lobe. Patient is a never smoker. This is an example of an easy robotic right upper lobectomy. Surgery made easy because of young...

Robotic Right S1 Segmentectomy (Unedited)

views: 2904 comments: 0

Robotic thoracic surgery video case: 20mm semisolid lesion in the central part of S1 right upper lobe. We performed an extended S1 segmentectomy taking a more inferior parenchymal margin to ensure generaous...

Left Lower Lobectomy with Versius – Patrick Bagan

views: 4366 comments: 0

This video shows a robotic assisted left lower lobectomy using the Versius Robotic System by Patrick Bagan. 

Unedited Robotic Left Upper Lobectomy to Manage...

views: 2459 comments: 0

We present an unedited video of a robotic left upper lobectomy for a centrally located 25mm left upper lobe tumour. This patient also had a 10mm right lower lobe biopsy proven adenocarcinoma. At the tumour...

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