MEDtube is offering innovative marketing solutions for industry partners:

- medical technologies manufacturers and distributors (device producers, service and pharmaceutical companies)
- providers of services addressed to professionals: physicians, dentists, nurses, paramedics (insurance companies, distributors, hospitals, clinics, service providers)
- event organizers

MEDtube offer includes:

- video production
- production of eLearning courses
- MEDtube LIVE - online webinars and training
- live surgeries (broadcasting)
- promotional activities and campaigns addressed to the medical community (both general and highly profiled), such as information campaigns, product placement
- promotion of events and participant registration

What makes our offer special?

- the largest scope
- directly reaching the target audience
- custom-made solutions
- the highest effectiveness of the marketing message thanks to involvement of the MEDtube community
- interactive character
- innovative, multimedia marketing based on a digital medium
- quick response to the needs of contemporary medical education

Check out the Slideshare presentation below to learn more about our commercial offer.

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