Who supports us

MEDtube is supported by prominent professors and influential leaders in different medical specialties.

Maria Siemionow

Maria Siemionow, MD, PhD

Head, Microsurgery Training, Dept. of Plastic Surgery
Cleveland Clinic

"I consider MEDtube as an exciting tool facilitating education and communication between physicians around the world. This innovative approach allows for quick exchange of most interesting audio-visual educational materials. As a leader of the team which performed the first near-total face transplant in the United States in December 2008, I appreciate the opportunity to comunicate on daily basis with many leaders in the field around the globe. I share the enthusiasm of the MEDtube team and wish them to reach the broad audience of physicians and medical professionals worldwide in order to expedite comunication and exchange of the most current medical knowledge."

Richard Satava

Richard Satava, MD, PhD

Department of Surgery, University of Washington

"I have devoted my long professional career to technology harvesting of innovation in medicine and new technologies in surgery. One of the most difficult barriers to innovation has been the real-time access to information about the rapidly emerging new technologies. It is this inefficiency in the timely availability of announcements of new discoveries that has slowed the diffusion of new technologies and impaired their early adoption. MEDtube is a powerful new platform that provides healthcare professionals a much more immediate exposure to such new technologies. MEDtube is a welcome addition of rapid access to trusted healthcare knowledge and early discovery which is as much of a game-changers as the innovations which they report."

Wieslaw L. Nowinski, DSc, PhD

Wieslaw L. Nowinski, DSc, PhD

Scientist, innovator, creator of "world’s most gorgeous" human brain atlases

"MEDtube is a tremendous medical knowledge repository and an incredible tool for medical education. User-friendly, content-rich, supporting multiple specialities, MEDtube sets a high standard in medical education and communication."

Mervyn Deitel

Mervyn Deitel, MD, PhD

Chief, Advisory Board, International Bariatric Club

"MEDtube is opening new chapter in medical education. I support your efforts to improve global communication and education between health professionals in the video-centric format, via digital channels. The outcome should be the increased efficiency in patient treatment."

Stanislav Czudek

Stanislav Czudek, MD, PhD

University of Medicine in Ostrava, Czech Republic

"MEDtube is the top education platform for students, physicians, professors in all medical specialties. This system is vivid and enables immediate transfer of information and experience between healthcare professionals. For 20 years I have been working with European Institute of Telesurgery in Strasbourg with Pr. Jacques Marescaux, performing live events across the world. I have used DaVinci surgical robot for 10 years. Lately many Chinease Universities became very active, especially in the field of anti-cancer vaccine. Great future is ahead of MEDtube!"

Mohan Desarda

Mohan Desarda, MD, PhD

Chief of Hernia Center, Poona Hospital & Research Center

"MEDtube is empowering professionals from all over the world and providing them secure environment to communicate. Different techniques can be discussed and evaluated, like mesh or no-mesh approach in hernia treatment. This platform plays an important role in innovation in medicine and I look forward to your great success . All the best to the MEDtube team."

Takuji Gotoda

Takuji Gotoda, MD, PhD

Tokyo Medical University Hospital

"Being focused on new endoscopic techniques in medicine (ESD - endoscopic submucosal dissection), I understand well the need to promote the latest innovation and discoveries. I recommend MEDtube video sharing website for doctors as tool to disseminate techniques and technologies improving doctors' skills and awareness globally. Good luck."

Shekhar Kumta

Shekhar Kumta, MD, PhD

Orthopaedic Surgeon, Dir. of the Teaching & Learning Resource Centre, The Chinese University of Hong Kong

"I was excited to discover MEDtube during my online research for video content in orthopedics. Such project was missing. Professional medical education requires more open and innovative approach. I will use the platform in my teaching activities and publish own content. I look forward to joint projects with MEDtube and promise my personal support in Hong Kong and continental China. Good luck!"

Antonio Lacy

Antonio Lacy, MD, PhD

Chief of the Gastrointestinal Surgery Department, Hospital Clinic in Barcelona

"MEDtube is integrating the world of healthcare professionals worldwide, playing an important role in education. Collaboration and communication between colleagues on different continents should be seamless in the era of advanced comunication technologies. I support MEDtube platform."

Milan Profant

Milan Profant, MD, PhD

International Federation of Oto-Rhino-Laryngological Societies

"In otorhinolaryngology video plays a very important role. MEDtube is delivering useful, innovative tools, helping our community of professionals. I share MEDtube passion for innovative education and the concept of sharing medical knowledge. As former president of EAONO (European Academy of Otology & Neuro-Otology), currently involved in IFOS (International Federation of Oto-Rhino-Laryngological Societies), I am interested in eliminating bariers and educating young generation of otologists most efficiently. Good luck."

Romuald Krajewski

Romuald Krajewski, MD, PhD

Neurosurgeon, president, UEMS-EACCME (European Union of Medical Specialists), past vice-president, Polish Chamber of Physicians and Dentists

"Learning opportunities for young medical professionals increased due to dissemination of technologies, with video at the top. But the most experienced specialists can benefit too and in my opinion they should use these new tools even more intensively. At the training stage it is more relevant to utilise systematic materials and for experienced professionals the MEDtube format is adequate to evaluate and utilise in practice. The diversity of content provided by MEDtube is good opportunity to watch methods and techniques performed in other parts of the world, with no need to travel. Direct communication with colleagues dealing with similar problems is a powerful advantage as well. It makes sens in particular when innovative procedures are implemented and the routine ones are improved. It would suggest to include simulation in the future. The knowledge shared by professionals via MEDtube serves well to the community and should be accessed easily and preferably free of charge. I express interest in accredited training courses for physicians and dentists that use decent education technologies and new media in the future."

Piotr Chłoska

Piotr Chłosta, MD, PhD

President of Polish Urological Association (PTU), Head of Chair and Department of Urology, Collegium Medicum of the Jagiellonian University

"MEDtube introduces new quality to medical education. Eventually our professional community can benefit from this modern communication technology. The group of professionals on MEDtube from around the world can interact and improve skills on a large scale and the video-centric model helps save time. I am supporting MEDtube from the very beginning as compulsory for all health professionals."

Romulad Dębski

Romuald Dębski, MD, PhD (R.I.P)

Head of Gynecology Clinic, Medical Center of Postgraduate Education (CMKP)

"MEDtube platform empowers our heath professional community around the globe to compare its work and discuss it, with benefits to all interested parties (and patients at the end). I recommend participating in MEDtube to physicians at every stage of professional development and to those colleagues who want to share their innovative approach - to submit video cases and allow peers to provide comments."

Adam Dziki

Adam Dziki, MD, PhD

Past President, Association of Polish Surgeons (TChP)

"Congratulations to colleagues for the idea of MEDtube platform. In the era of computerization in medicine and application of robots in the operating rooms, it is high time to share  knowledge with others on a massive scale. Younger generation of MDs should benefit from the experience of older colleagues. A short time of practising in the course of specialization does not allow to compare different surgical techniques used by different surgeons, so MEDtube can successfully fill this gap and provide the opportunity to learn, as well as to raise awareness of presentation of achievements. I wish MedTube team further development of the project and at least the same amount of ideas and energy as so far."

Grzegorz Jakiel

Grzegorz Jakiel, MD, PhD

Chief, Department of Gyneacology and Obstetrics, The Medical Centre of Postgraduate Education (CMKP)

""I am pleased to participate in MEDtube, contributing innovative projects and ideas in gyneacology. Through this platform younger physicians gain additional ability of education. MEDtube helps to deliver knowledge in an a decent form and in a democratic way"."

Arkadiusz Jawień

Arkadiusz Jawień, MD, PhD

President of European Society of Vascular Surgery (ESVS)

"MEDtube philosophy is close to mine - more share more gain. This project is important to improve quality of eduation among students and profesionals worldwide. MEDtube is valuable because it has the capacity to enhance ties between physicians, established in personal relations and medicine is a team game. I declare my support."

Anna Nasierowska-Guttmejer

Anna Nasierowska-Guttmejer, MD, PhD

President, Polish Society of Pathologists

"Results of the scientific work as well as clinical practise are often stored in computer hard-drives. Most of the data could be easily published to benefit of colleagues from around the world. It would foster development of medical sciences. The MEDtube directory is a practical tool for all medicine professionals - the only place with so broad medical multimedia resources in the global Internet I know.

Kazimierz Niemczyk

Kazimierz Niemczyk, MD, PhD

Chief, Department of Otolaryngology, Warsaw Medical University

"I consider MEDtube an important project for medical education in the future. MEDtube is filling the gap between theory and practice, especially in surgical specialties where access to the operating field is very limited. The technologies commonly used in operating rooms (microscopes in Otolaryngology) help to register and archive procedures. My Department is gathering numerous ambitious, young professionals, open to adapt new technologies and platforms like MEDtube. With no doubt we will be utilising the tool more and more intensively."

Wojciech Omulecki

Wojciech Omulecki, MD, PhD

President, Polish Ophthalmological Society (PTO)

"I learned about the MEDtube platform with interest. In my opinion further evolution of the project will have significant impact on professional medical education, exchange of knowledge and best practises. Easy access to information, in the form of videos and pictures in particular, is very attractive form of education, especially in invasive specialties. There has been a tremendous progress in ophthalmic microsurgery in recent years and many new surgical techniques emerged. They can be easily demonstrated on videos. Innovative methods of imaging of eye structures have been continuously developing too. In my opinion MEDtube can play an important role in education of specialists and well complement the website of Polish Ophthalmological Society. My best wishes."

Dariusz Patkowski

Dariusz Patkowski, MD, PhD

Head, Clinic of Paediatric Surgery and Urology, Medical University in Wrocław, Past President of Association of Paediatric Surgeons in Poland (PTChD)

"I was glad to discover MEDtube. It is a tool perfectly addressing the challenges that todays medicine is facing. The progressive specjalization caused by the increasing knowledge mass make it necessary to quickly access the latest developments and information - both in the traditional, text form, as well as in the form of videos or photos. Especially the patient treatment areas will be those where usage of new technologies will be increasing. Growing number of surgical treatments is performed with endoscopic techniques, which are documented digitally. The Internet and new technologies help to better educate phisicians. I am using MEDtube in my everyday clinical and scientific practice, not only viewing other doctors materials but also sharing my knowledge and uploading my videos."

Janusz Skalski

Janusz Skalski, MD, PhD

Head, Clinic of Pediatric Cardiac Surgery in Cracow

"I hope that MEDtube will encourage professionals to communicate and share with their peers more often so that know-how is utilised efficiently. MEDtube is stimulating innovation in healthcare and has been expected by our professional community for long. My hobby is collecting old medical books and I am excited to see the role of video in education and its evolution. Good luck!"

Andrzej Stelmach

Andrzej Stelmach, MD, PhD

Past President, Polish Society of Surgical Oncology (PTChO)

"MEDtube is promoting achievements of doctors around the world, without barriers and constraints we were faced with hitherto. MEDtube is opening new era in the communication between medical professionals. MEDtube will play an important role in the medical education as it is a democratic platform, available from any location in the world. MDs should share their experience more openly because the progress of medicine is goal of all."

Wiesław Tarnowski

Wiesław Tarnowski, MD, PhD

Head, Clinic of General and Gastrointestinal Surgery, Medical Center of Postgraduate Education (CMKP)

"The role of digital image in doctors education is not a curiosity or supplement any longer. Application of computers and videosurgery are now our everyday job and because it is so easy to store it should help to educate younger colleagues. So far the platform like MEDtube did not exist. I am glad that MEDtube filled that gap. It is a very promising platform and practical tool facilitating both education and clinical practise. Thanks to the high saturation with knowledge of the video content, efficiency of our work can be significantly increased."

Grzegorz Wallner

Grzegorz Wallner, MD, PhD

President, Association of Polish Surgeons, Dean I Medical Faculty, Medical University in Lublin

"Such project was missing. MEDtube now greatly satisfies the demand for modern pathway enabling transfer of knowledge between doctors with different experience and fields of expertise, thus increasing the efficiency of communication in medicine. We are already publishing on MEDtube with ease that was unavailable before for video content. It saves much time and guarantees global reach. Achievements need to be promoted for the benefit of others and this is why I praise MEDthe the most - it stimulates competition, with the final benefit for healthcare quality. I am planning to utilise the content from MEDtube during my lectures in the University. Since the beginning, MEDtube is supported by the oldest Association of Polish Surgeons (established in 1889r.)."

Zbigniew Wolski

Zbigniew Wolski, MD, PhD

Past President, Polish Urological Association (PTU)

"Medical education is undergoing profound transformation and MEDtube is identifying this direction very well. Urology is the field of medicine where a lot of change is happening - both in pharmaceutical therapies and surgical techniques / new technologies. It is essential that urologists keep in touch with the latest develpments and by that means improve quality of their work. MEDtube is facilitating that. My best wishes."

Marian Zembala

Marian Zembala, MD, PhD, FESC

Director, Silesian Center for Heart Diseases

"Quest for new solutions and innovation is something I am personally fond of. Working for many years in the team of Professor Religa we all shared the same passion for discovery and progress in medicine and cardiac surgery in particular. Therefore I am pleased to endorse MEDtube and the philosophy of its founders and the team. Sharing video and the visual content deserves attention of all parties involved in doctors' education worldwide. MEDtube is a compulsory supplement of professional medical education - from student to experienced specialist."