Surgical oncology training

Surgical oncology is the branch of surgery applied to oncology; it focuses on the surgical management of tumors, especially cancerous tumors. As one of several...
Surgical oncology is the branch of surgery applied to oncology; it focuses on the surgical management of tumors, especially cancerous tumors. As one of several modalities in the management of cancer, the specialty of surgical oncology, before modern medicine the only cancer treatment with a chance of success, has evolved in steps similar to medical oncology (pharmacotherapy for cancer), which grew out of hematology, and radiation oncology, which grew out of radiology. The proliferation of cancer centers will continue to popularize the field, as will developments in minimally invasive techniques, palliative surgery, and neo-adjuvant treatments. Source:

Limberg Flap For Pilonidal Sinus

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A Limberg flap operation is a procedure for extensive or recurrent pilonidal disease. In the operation, a diamond-shaped incision is made to remove the affected skin and underlying tissue. Another incision...

Laparoscopic and Open TME

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Total Mesorectal Excision (TME), as defined in the ACOSOG Z6051, comprises of high ligation of IMA, splenic flexure takedown, transection of proximal left colon, dissection of the avascular plane in...

Case Presentations: #1 Total Gastrectomy For...

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Two unfortunate patients with advanced cancers (case 1 - advanced gastric cancer; case 2 – locally invasive right colon cancer), cases that reflect the tragic reality of our health care system:...

Pulmonary Artery Xenograft Patch During a Double...

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Surgical video case: pulmonary artery xenograft patch during a double sleeve left upper lobectomy for NSCLC. Prof S. Cafarotti, Dr.ssa M. Patella, Dr T. Torre.

Posterior Right Sectionectomy with Resection...

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Surgical video case: posterior right sectionectomy with resection of the right hepatic vein, for colon cancer metastasis - case presentation.

Atypical Liver Resection sg 6-7-8 and Left Colectomy...

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Video case: 70-years old  female patient; non-ID type 2 DM;•Dg – stenotic left colon adenocarcinoma and single segment 7 liver metastasis (7x6x6 cm) invasive in the right hepatic vein.

Huge Uterine Leiomyosarcoma

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Female pt, 52 years old, presenting with neglected huge pelvi-abdominal mass associated with severe anemia and respiratory embarrassment. intra-operatively the mass was tightly impacted in the pelvis...

Laparoscopic Distal Gastrectomy with D2 Lymph...

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Video case surgery: laparoscopic distal gastrectomy for stomach cancer L, cType 2, ycT2N0M0. Preoperative chemotherapy FLOT4. D2 lympadectomy standard approach. Gastroduodenal anastomosis B1 delta-shaped....

Extralevator Abdominoperineal Excision (ELAPE)...

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In this video Dr Vipin Goel demonstrate Extralevator Abdominoperineal resection in a Patient with advance low Rectal cancer. ELAPE involves total mesorectal excision up to Levator ani muscle. The abdomen...

Total Laparoscopic Hysterectomy - Fibroid Uterus

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Clinical video case: hysterectomy for fibroid uterus.