About Us

MEDtube is a video-centric social eLearning platform for Healthcare Professionals exclusively. It is free to use by the HCP community worldwide (registration is required to benefit from all the website's rewieved educational content and tools). In 2020 the library exceeded 25,000+ medical materials and the community exceeded 250,000+ professionals subscribed (global audience).

The concept of this innovative project came in 2008 when transplant surgeon Michał Wszoła initiated first works, based on his clinical practice (he left MEDtube in 2018). In 2009 another transplantologist Rafał Kieszek joined him and in 2010 the company was formed. MEDtube.net was brought online in July 2011. The project is owned by private individuals from Poland. MEDtube is a MedEdTech company (medical education technology). The platform is available in 5 language versions: English (MEDtube.net), French (MEDtube.fr), German (http://de.MEDtube.net), Spanish (MEDtube.es) and Polish (MEDtube.pl).

Thanks to a rapid development of technology MEDtube eliminates traditional communication barriers (geographical, cultural and linguistic), facilitating the exchange of knowledge and expertise on an unprecedented scale.

Content and users

MEDtube is now the world's largest online repository with high-quality multimedia content of clear practical and educational value, counting 25,000+ professional medical materials. The resources are shared by physicians, clinicists, medical societies and universities. In mid 2017, the community counted 250,000+ registered professional users who contribute to the idea of sharing medical knowledge.

The library contains of medical videos, images, cases, visualizations and animations, eCourses, interviews, presentations, webcasts, case-reports and other professional materials in all medical specialties. It also comprises eLearning courses, tests, eBooks and event calendar. The materials are shared by physicians, medical societies, universities and other institutions (some are MEDtube own production as well).


MEDtube is providing technologically advanced eTools for education and communication:
- multimedia library (https://medtube.net/content#tab-videos)
- discussion groups
- MEDtube LIVE - webinars, remote education and online learning (www.medtube.net/live)
- MEDtube eLearning platform for remote learning and testing (https://medtube.net/content#tab-elearning)
- eBook platform (https://medtube.net/content#tab-ebooks)
- medical event calendar (https://medtube.net/content#tab-events)
- virtual studio
- mobile app
- job offers

The key solution is the eLearning platform featuring credited courses developed in cooperation with medical universities and other institutions (CME/CPD).

In 2015 a new version of the mobile application was launched which allows not only benefiting from all the website's functionalities, but also easily share videos and photos taken with personal mobile device.

MEDtube is also the publisher of MEDtube Science (scientific journal) and MEDtube Tribune (bulletin).

Philosophy and values

Our strong commitment to MEDtube comes from the belief that medical sciences, as we know them today, are going to be revolutionized by innovation and the application of new technologies, visual ones in particular. Communication and knowledge diffusion without any geographical or cultural barriers, via broadband Internet, is opening new horizons to medical practice and sciences. This will result in improving patient comfort and well-being.

We strongly support the idea of sharing medical knowledge among physicians from across the world. Our goal is that MEDtube will play a central role in accelerating this process. Benefits of sharing on a massive scale beyond small private network of direct contacts are underestimated and uncountable.

Support of Medical Societies and Opinion Leaders

From the very beginning, MEDtube has been supported by many Medical Societes and Opinion Leaders from all over the world.

The Team

MEDtube team is orchestrated and motivated around one goal - building unique and innovative medical tools that help to educate new generation of physicians faster, better and cheaper. The team of enthusiasts consists of medical doctors, IT specialists, video editors and emarketing professionals. There are 65 talented individuals in the group who guarantee high level of medical content as well as the techno reliability of the Platform and organizational efficiency of this complex project.

Access to Content

MEDtube is dedicated to Healthcare Professionals (i.e. MDs, medicine students, university teachers, assistants) and all the content is available to registered users without limitations and free of charge. Each piece of content has been assigned a different level of access and some of it is available only to pre-defined groups of specialists. Access to some modules (eLearning courses, Webinars) may be paid.

Business Model

MEDtube is providing an advanced technological video platform and does not charge individual users for regular activities. The business model is transparent - the revenue stream is generated from commercial educational projects funded by the medical device industry. Their support is critical to the success of MEDtube.

"Seal of Excellence" Certificate granted by the European Commission

MEDtube has been certified by the European Commission (Horizon 2020) as one the most innovative european SMEs in healthcare (more information here). 

MEDtube Science and MEDtube Tribune

MEDtube Science is an open-access scientific journal (quaterly) with international Editorial Board. It is integrating traditional format (text) with multimedia. MEDtube Tribune is an online bulletin with medical articles, cases and news. It is focused on innovative techniques of treatment, clinical research, new developments of drugs and medical devices.

MEDtube is addressed for HCPs:

- physicians of all specialties (MDs)
- dentists (DMDs)
- academic teachers
- medicine students
- nurses and midwives
- medical analysts and technicians
- physiotherapist
- other paramedics
- medical industry 
- others who intend to share their professional medical knowledge and experience

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