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Acute Cholecystitis Impact of Blunt Dissection

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In some cases, laparoscopic cholecystectomy (LC) may be difficult to perform in patients with acute cholecystitis (AC) with severe inflammation and fibrosis. The Tokyo Guidelines 2018 (TG18) expand the...

Unedited Robotic Right Upper Pulmonary Lobectomy

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74 year old lady with a asymptomatic incidentally discovered persistent right upper lobe lung 3.5cm spiculated lesion with mild FDG PET uptake. She opted for surgical resection following a period of observation...

Congenital Cricopharyngeal Diverticulum with...

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Surgical video case: 2 year old girl admitted due to deep neck abscess. Abscess drainage was done. But during 1 year neck fistula was formed. Repeated endoscopy were done and finally cricopharingeal diverticulum...

Bisegmentectomy IVb-V

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Surgical video: this is a case of a liver bisegmentectomy IVb-V performed for the treatment of gallbladder cancer discovered after a cholecystectomy. 

Total Laparoscopic Hysterectomy - Does Size Matter

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Video case: laparoscopic hysterectomy for 18 week size uterus. Good optics, mobility of uterus and working in correct surgical planes make it easier and size of the uterus does not matter.

Subtotal Gastrectomy for Large Fundus GIST with...

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This video presents a subtotal gastrectomy for a very large fundus GIST. Due to the close adhesion to the spleen and bleeding durind the gastric mobilisation, the spleen was removed.

Finding Critical View of Safety in Laparoscopic...

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Laparoscopic cholecystectomy has a 0.3% to 0.5% morbidity rate due to major biliary injuries. The majority of surgeons have routinely performed the so-called “infundibular” technique for gallbladder...

Anterior Cervical Fibroid

Divyesh Shukla

Specialty:  Gynecology
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Surgical video case: large cervical fibroids arising from within the stroma of cervix require special surgical technique. The cervix should not be damaged. Careful identification of endocervix and separating...

Laparoscopic Total Colectomy with Ileorectal...

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This is a case of 39 years old female patient with BMI of 18,7 kg/m2 who suffers from severe idiopathic slow-transit constipation refractory to all lines of conservative treatment. Clinical picture and...

Heller Myotomy in Achalasia

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In longstanding achalasia, esophageal muscular thickness and stiffness along with severe dilation of esophagus and mucosal folding may cause complication. The most significant early complication of open...

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