Cardiac surgery videos

Ruptured Aortic Aneurysm of the Arch and Ascending...

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Symptomatic posterior contained rupture of a 70mm aortic aneurysm of the ascending aorta and proximal arch. Moderate aortic valve regurgitation with a central jet due to dilatation of the sino-tubular...

Damage Control Surgery for Patient With Ascending...

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In this video we show you how to manage peroration dissection of ascending aorta in 90 years old female with damage control surgery.

Left Ventricular Size Reduction With Mesh PP...

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One technique to increase CO according to laplace law is SVR and mesh size reduction of LV with ancor technique modified by Sam Zeraatian.

Chest Wall Reconstruction Post Trauma With Titanium...

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Video case: advanced chest wall reconstruction with titanium for patient with previous cardiac herniation. With titanium mesh apply and fixation to the ribs.

Ultrafiltration for Heart Harvest And Organ Donation

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In this video we show usage of cyto reductive filter for the first time in the world for heart harvest and transplantation after cardiac death by Dr. Sam Zeraatiannejaddavani IUMS.

A to Z Steps of Repairing Total Annamalous Pulmonary...

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Complete repair of TAPVC with confluence of PVS to LAA. With extra cardiac manner and CPB and CC.

How to Manage Zone 1 Neck Injuries With Great...

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On important necessity for all cardiovascular surgeon is alacrity regarding controlling and surgical repair of patients with neck and simultaneous thoracic damages specially regarding vessels treatment.

Permanent Epicardial Pace Maker Insertion and...

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Severe LV dilatation and LV dysfunction and PPM epicardial fixation for the same patient in order to increase LVEF and LV size reduction woth polypropylene mesh fixation.

Resection of Tracheal Tumor Recurrence in a Previous...

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Cardiac surgery video case: patient with previous tracheal tumor came with recurrence undergone redo operation for tracheal resection and stump maturation in the site of upper sternotomy.

Patient with Double Valve Endocarditis and Fistula...

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Patient with pulmonary valve endocarditis and aortic valve endocarditis and fistula between these double valves and trunc. Undergone pulmonary artery base reconstruction and fistula closure and valve...