Otorhinolaryngology videos

Septal Mucositis

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A video depicting surgical management of a little-discussed clinical problem = persistent nasal mucositis.

Endoscopic Transnasal Removal of Frontal Sinus...

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This video presents endoscopic transnasal removal of frontal sinus osteoma (grade 3 in Chiu and Kennedy classification). Draf IIb procedure. Video by Tomasz Gotlib MD.

Synechiae after Radiotherapy for an Undifferentiated...

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Synechiae after radiotherapy for an undifferentiated nasopharyngeal carcinoma.

Septoplasty - Endoscopy

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The video displays an instructed demonstration of endoscopic septoplasty.

Post-operative Swallowing Video Endoscopy Assessment

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The video showcases a post-operative Swallowing Video Endoscopy assessment of a patient who underwent a CHEP type Partial Laryngectomy 45 days prior, due to a malignant neoplasm on the left vocal cord....

Septo-Rhinoplasty Preserving Growth Centers

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Septo-Rhinoplasty in children is a contoversial topic many feel the nose should not be touched till the age of 18 years but nasal obstruction, sleep apnea are a common problems and need to be tackled....

On The Origin of the Application of the Arthoscopic...

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This short promotional (historical) video explains how the arthoscopic shaver can to be used in ensocopic sinus surgery. 

Grossly Depressed Nose - Technique for Correction...

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Video case: augmentation rhinoplasty in a 16 year old boy using concha cartilage graft. 

Binder's 6th Revision Rhinoplasty

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Video case: she was operated 5 times before each time landed up in problem. Surgical technique with 1 year follow up.

3 Surgical Landmarks for Facial Nerve Identification...

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Educational video: 3 surgical landmarks for facial nerve identification during parotidectomy.