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Laparoscopic Left Hemicolectomy for Sigmoid Cancer:...

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This is a case of a 72 years old female patient with proximal sigmoid cancer. MSCT showed no distal metastasis. We proceeded with laparoscopic left hemicolectomy. Postoperative hystological exam revealed...

Laparoscopic Transperitoneal Para-aortic Lymphadenectomy

Piotr Lepka

Specialty:  Gynecology
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The video demonstrates part of staging procedure (para-aortic lymphadenectomy) in case of FIGO stage I An ovarian cancer in 46 years old patient.

Refractory Gastric Ulcer Presenting Diagnostic...

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A challenging case: refractory gastric ulcer later proven to be a NHL after several endoscopic biopsies and EUS FNA of ulcer and abdominal L nodes.

Conversion Nissen Fundoplication to Roux-en-Y...

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I present you here a very challenging case. History of Nissen fundoplication by laparoscopy perfomed 11 years ago with failure and valve reconstruction by laparotomy with a hiatal mesh. Reintervention...

Different Mesh Types in Laparoscopic TAPP of...

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Different mesh types in laparoscopic TAPP of inguinal hernia repair. 

Laparoscopic Right Hemicolectomy for Perforated...

views: 4120 comments: 3

Perforated right colon diverticulitis treated by laparoscopic right hemicolectomy radically.

Inflammation and Dilatation of Cholecystic Duct...

views: 3384 comments: 0

A case with inflammation and dilatation of cholecystic duct due to chronic calculous cholecystitis.

Lap High Anterior Resection and Hepatic Wedge...

Hung Do

Specialty:  General Surgery
views: 8057 comments: 0

This video shows a lap high anterior resection and hepatic wedge resection for sigmoid colon cancer spread to the liver.

Shaving Technique in Rectal Endometriosis

views: 1812 comments: 0

Video case: 24 years old woman with history of severe pelvic pain. Transrectal ultrasonography showed endometrioma with rectal endometriosis.

Lap High Anterior Resection for Huge Sigmoid...

Hung Do

Specialty:  General Surgery
views: 8792 comments: 0

This video shows lap high anterior resection for a huge tumor using the (brand undisclosed) instruments.         

Thermometer Probe Transection During Sleeve Gastrectomy

views: 2860 comments: 0

An adverse event in laparoscopic bariatric surgery that has not received much scrutiny involves tube/probe stapling or suturing during gastrectomy or gastroenterostomy. Tube/probe complications can occur...

Petersen Space Closure by Cross Running Suture...

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This video describes a variant of the Petersen space closure, by cross running suture. I use this techique to prevent a partially opening of the space later and the apparition of an internal hernia, which...

Laparoscopic Trans-Gastric Necrosectomy

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Laparoscopic trans-gastric necrosectomy for a infected WON with gastric fistulization. It is a novel, minimally invasive technique for the management of pancreatic necrosis that allows for debridement...

Simple and Universal Approach for the Splenic...

views: 6076 comments: 2

We described our standard approach of the Splenic Flexure Mobilization.

How Do We Form Pancreatogastroanastomosis During...

views: 3270 comments: 1

The proposed method for the formation of pancreatogastroanastomosis in robotic and laparoscopic pancreatoduodenal resections included the imposition of a suture holder on an atraumatic needle with an...

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