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Gastric Conduit Food Retention

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This video demonstrates food retention in a gastric conduit in a patient who previously underwent an esophagectomy for malignancy. Video donated by Marc M. Mankarious, MD and Eric M. Pauli MD

Schatzki Ring

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This video demonstrates a patient with a hiatal hernia and a Schatzki ring.

Disposable Versus Reusable Gastroscope: A Prospective...

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While disposable electronic gastroscopes were comparable to reusable gastroscopes for capturing images, the image quality was lower and the operating time was longer, a randomized non-inferiority trial...

Gastroscopy in a Patient with Boerhaave Syndrome

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This movie presents gastroscopy which revealed large perforation in the esophageal wall in patient with Boerhaave syndrome during drainage of left pleural cavity. Through the perforation gastroscope was...

CRE Esophageal Balloon Dilatation - Second Session

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Esophageal stricuture secondary to caustic ingestion, second balloon dilatation session from 8 to 10 to 8 mm diameter.under fluoroscopy, another less tight stricture found .

Esophageal Ulcerations - Case

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69-year-old female patient was referred for gastroscopy examination in the beginning of April due to acute dysphagia (for 7 days), pain/burning sensation along the sternum, pain in the epigastrium. In...

Approaching the GI Bleed - CRASH! Medical Review...

Specialty:  Gastroenterology
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The video contains information about approaching the GI bleed.

The Combined Bronchoscopic and Endoscopic Management...

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Presented by Samantha R. Witte at the "SS20: Flexible Endoscopy I" session during the SAGES 2019 Annual Meeting in Baltimore, MD on Friday, April 5, 2019. This was a peer-reviewed presentation,...

Procedure of ESD

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This video presents a case of a 61 years old female, who suffered from atrophic gastritis diagnosed in 2004 and treated by VIT B12 injection monthly. 07/2018: gastroscopy showed the relapse of the antral...

Endoscopic Resection - Discussion: ESD or CAP...

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This video presents a case of a 76 years old male, who has a epigastric pain with reflux. Gastroscopy showed a Barrett’s esophagus C3M5 with a nodule of 1 cm. Biosy of the nodule showed in situ...

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