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Class II Cavity Preparation Upper Second Premolar...

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This video demonstrates class II cavity preparation (upper second premolar) and caries removal (under microscope)  

Restoration Of Tooth With Broken Wall | Proximal...

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In this video i have shown the restoration of the upper second premolar tooth with the proximal caries that is the tooth is having the decay at the contact area with the adjacent tooth. The main objective...

Root Canal Treatment of The Maxillary First Premolar...

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This video shows retreatment of the maxillary first premolar tooth which causes the throbbing pain and the swelling to the patient two days after the patient had done the root canal and the crown over...

Draining A Mouth Abscess

Specialty:  Dental Surgery
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This video contains graphic surgical content. A patient comes back 3 weeks after her third molar removal with an abscess. 

Classic Restoration Of Decayed Tooth By Root...

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This video shows the restoration of the lower first molar tooth which is having the severe decay or caries and needs to be treated without extraction. This type of tooth can be easily saved by the root...

How To Do The Retromandibular Approach &...

Specialty:  Dental Surgery
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Step by step instructions to perform the retromandibular dissection to access the mandible. This video covers surgical techniques and tips, and also walks through an actual dissection in real time!  ...

Immediate Dental Implant Surgery

Specialty:  Implant Dentistry
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Extraction of a Maxillary Central Incisor with placement of an Immediate Dental Implant! Check out the full surgery along with useful clinical tips,.

Burning Mouth Syndrome | How To Diagnose And...

Specialty:  Other
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A patient comes into the office with generalized oral mouth pain. The pain is burning and relentless, severely affecting her taste and her quality of life. 

What Do Oral Warts Look Like? How To Identify...

Specialty:  Maxillofacial Surgery
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Oral warts are lesions I see in the office on an almost daily basis. Check out several examples of oral warts, also known as papillomas, to help you identify these growths. HPV is prevalant in society,...

Tooth Restoration w/ Gap Closure

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This is a video material of a clinical case - tooth restoration with gap closure.