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Laterally Spreading Tumor EMR in the Right Colon

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Clinical video case: LST removed in the right colon. NBI imaging revealed no worrisome endoscopic features. The polyp was removed successfully using Endoscopic Mucosal Resection technique. HIstopathology...

Primary Sclerosing Cholangitis on Peroral Cholangioscopy

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Endoscopic video case: patient with newly diagnosed PSC as it appears on cholangiscopy.

Screening Colonoscopy

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Video demonstrating (*brand hidden*) durability in screening colonoscopy in visualizing and resecting colon polyps.

Malignant Afferent Loop Syndrome Obstruction...

views: 388 comments: 0

A middle-aged male with a history of pancreatic head cancer s/p Whipple procedure 12 months ago presented with afferent limb syndrome due to malignant obstruction. This was successfully treated with EUS-guided...

Pedunculated Rectal Polyp

views: 1101 comments: 2

Video case: endoscopic removal of pedunculate polyp.

Laparoscopic Hartman Procedure

views: 11822 comments: 1

In this video we present a Laparoscopic Hartman Procedure of a 70-year-old male, with no other antecedent, with sigmoid volvulus, returned endoscopically 48 h before surgery, during endoscopy with violaceous...

Fibroids Removal

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Laparoscopic removal of 3 fibroids. Uncontained morcellation was performed later on to remove all the fibroids through 10 mm incision.       

Removal of Endometrial Polyp - Polypectomy

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Surgical video case: removal of endometrial polyp in outpatient clinic under llocal anaesthesia. Polypectomy was performed for post menopausal bleeding.

Semi-Rigid Ureteroscopic Lithotripsy in Children

CHIEN Nguyen Xuan

Specialty:  Urology
views: 2039 comments: 3

This is a not so special case of endoscopic ureteral lithotripsy. However, for patients who are children, we have to be careful and adaptive depending on the equipment conditions of each hospital. We...

ESD of a Gastric Lesion. Use of Traction Wire.

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Traction methods are essentially used to facilitate visualization of the submucosal layer, thus enabling accurate identification of the cutting line and submucosal vessels. Traction is thus a promising...

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