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Laparoscopic Low Anterior Resection in an Elderly...

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Surgical video case: laparoscopic low anterior resection in an elderly patient for middle rectal cancer treated with radiotherapy.  

Rectal Injury During Specimen Removal by Assistant

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Total laparoscopic hysterectomy done safely, size of uterus approx 16 weeks, without any problem. But after hysterectomy over specimen removed by assistant and instead of cervix he catches rectum and...

Flat Rectal Lesion LST-G in he Rectum

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Video case: pEMR of a rectal lesion. Flat rectal lesion LST-G in he rectum.

Laparoscopic Total Proctocolectomy with End Ileostomy

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Pan-proctocolectomy with ileostomy surgery removes the entire colon, rectum and anus and forms a stoma using the end of the distal ileum. It is also known as a total proctocolectomy. This is done for...

Deep Endometriosis

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Deep endometriosis rarely happens, but its treatment can be challenging, and it requires surgery. This video illustrates the clinical and iconographic presentation of rectal endometriosis, and its surgical...

Suture Rectopexy for Rectal Prolapse

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A suture rectopexy is essentially the same as a Marlex rectopexy, except that the rectum is fixed to the presacral fascia with suture material rather than mesh. This video demonstrates suture rectopexy...

Laparoscopic TME with Monopolar Hook Electrocautery

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66-year-old female patient (BMI 26.4) with rectal adenocarcinoma. She underwent neoadjuvant long-course radio-chemotherapy. Preoperative CT revealed liver metastasis in segment 7. The patient was scheduled...

Laparoscopic Intersphincteric Resection for Intra-Anal...

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44-year-old female patient (BMI 19.5) with intra-anal rectal adenocarcinoma (Roullier type 3). In preoperative MRI/CT - T2N0M0, no involvement of external anal sphincter. She underwent neoadjuvant radiotherapy...

Colonoscopy Under Minimal Water from Rectum to...

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Used minimal water immersion to reach the cecum with the slim colonoscope - this is an unedited video. Prior challenging colonoscopy due to multiple abdominal surgeries.

Rectum - Carcinoid Tumor - Cold Snare

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The video shows carcinoid tumor cold snare resection. This channel is dedicated for public education about colon cancer prevention.

Management of Anorectal Sepsis

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Presented by Jennifer Hrabe at the "SAGES/AAST/ASCRS/SSAT Acute Care Symposium: Are you a Good Acute Care Surgeon? Improving outcomes and Reducing Hospital Mortality" session during the SAGES...

Recurrent Rectal Cancer - Laparoscopic Completion...

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55-year-old male patient (BMI 22.4) with recurrent rectal cancer. He underwent open rectal resection and postoperative radiotherapy in June 2019 in another hospital. MRI and endoscopy confirmed recurrence...

Colonoscopy: Recurrent Rectal Polyp after Transanal...

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The video depicts rectal polyp EMR. The polyp recurred after transanal surgery.

Endoscopic Treatment of Post Radiation Proctitis

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Application of argon plasma in vascular lesions in the rectum.

Colonoscopy: Rectum Enbloc Resection

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The injection of saline is the most important aspect of EMR to position the polyp in such a way to facilitate en bloc resection. Here notice second injection on the proximal side of polyp to lift it up...

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