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Contained Mechanical Morcellation in Gynecology

Howard Salvay

A morcellator is a surgical instrument used for division and removal of large masses of tissues during laparoscopic surgery. In laparoscopic hysterectomy the uterus is minced up into smaller pieces to...

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Total Laparoscopic Hysterectomy & Bilateral...

The Society of Elite Laparoscopic Surgeons

In this video complete laparoscopic hysterectomy and bilateral salpingo-oophorectomy was performed. Surgeons were Richard H. Demir, MD, and Greg J. Marchand, MD.

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Obturator Nerve Injury During TLRH

Behnaz Nouri

The patient was 42 years old with endometrial villo-glandullar carcinoma which 2% of prevalence, that underwent total laparoscopic hysterectomy and lymadenectomy. During surgery obturator partial injury...

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Total Laparoscopic Radical Hysterectomy...

Behnaz Nouri

The patient was 46years old, BMI 32, with stage 1b1 of cervical cancer [SCC]. We performed total laparoscopic radical hysterectomy type III and pelvic lymphadenectomy.

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Septum Cut with Scissor Hysteroscopy

Pragnesh Shah

Patient with septum can have h/o recurrent pregnancy or abnormal pregnancy loss, so it is advisable to do septum excision with scissor and Normal saline should be used as distention medium. This is safe...

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Laparoscopic For Severe Endometriosis

Behnaz Nouri

The patient was 24 years old NG with history of persistent ovarian cyst and Sever dysmenorrhea, previous appendectomy and laparoscopic repair of Hernia. Ca125 =25 We performed laparoscopy and found...

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Laparoscopic Huge Paratubal Cystectomy

Behnaz Nouri

The patient was 20 years old virgin, with a mass that palpable upper abdomen, 15.14cm and normal tumor makers. She underwent laparoscopy and we found a large par tubal cyst and did cystectomy.

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Dysmorphic Uterus with Scissors


Dysmorphic uterus. 2 miscarriage after IVF treatment. Hysteroscopic surgery with scissors, metroplasty over lateral walls and fundus.

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Laparoscopic Adhesiolysis

Yurii Chekhanov

Laparoscopic adhesiolysis in Gynecology. Restoring normal anatomy.

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Laparoscopic Large Deromid Cystectomy

Behnaz Nouri

The patient was 29 years old NG with history persistent ovarian cyst. Dermoid cyst was reported in MRI and tumor markers were normal. She was under went laparoscopic cystectomy.

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Laparoscopic Torsion Due to Ovarian &...

Behnaz Nouri

The patient was 19 years old,virgin with history of acute pelvic pain and ovarian cyst . We performed laparoscopy and found adenexal torsion due to ovarian –par ovarian cysts .

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Ovarian Endometrioma Huge Cyst Removal

Marco Arones

A huge ovarian endometrioma with a laparoscopic removal by 3 ports of 5mm and 1 umbilical port of 10mm. Introduction and extraction of endobag is held tight by the umbilical trocar. Woman 32 yo with a...

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Laparoscopic Myomectomy

Yurii Chekhanov

Laparoscopic myomectomy, big nodule with suturing.

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Laparoscopic Management of Huge Ovarian...

Behnaz Nouri

The patient was 56 years old G4P4 c/s4, BMI =40 with history of the cystic mass 22.20.18 cm in MRI, and negative tumor markers. She underwent laparoscopic surgery and we released adhesions of cyst...

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IUD and Endometrial Cancer


The patient is a 34 y/o G3P2012 with morbid obesity (BMI: 44.6) unremarkable medical history. Patient reports regular menstrual bleeding with mild to moderate menstrual flow. Denies use of hormonal contraception....

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Laparoscopic Salpingostomy Due to EP

Behnaz Nouri

The patient was 24 years old G2P0 ab1 with history of pelvic pain and BHCG=15000IU, EP in right side. We did laparoscopic salpingostomy.

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Laparoscopic Bowel Myoma Resection

Behnaz Nouri

A patient was 34 years old G2P1ab1, C/S 1 with history of secondary infertility. During diagnostic laparoscopy we found a solid mass that attached the bowel. The mass was resected. Final pathology reported...

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Laparoscopic Ovarian Endometriod Tumor

Behnaz Nouri

A patient was 26 years old, NG with history of solid – cystic mass in sonography and MRI, CA125=98IU. The patient underwent laparoscopic cystectomy. Final pathologic report was malignant endometrioid...

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Laparoscopic Tuboplasty

Behnaz Nouri

A patient was 34 years old G3P3 C/S 3, with history of previous tubectomy. She requested tuboplasty. We did laparoscopic tuboplasty. After 4 months she was pregnant. We performed C/S at 39 weeks of...

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Laparoscopic Ovarian Fibroma

Behnaz Nouri

A patient was 34 years old, G3P3 with history of ovarian solid mass and normal tumor markers. We performed laparoscopy and found an ovarian solid mass. Definitive pathology was reported fibroma.

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Laparoscopic Manegment Of Hemoperitoneum...

Behnaz Nouri

A patient was 22years old, virgin with history of pelvic and right shoulder pain. Sonography was reported sever hemoperitonum and right ovarian cyst. The patient underwent laparoscopic surgery and we...

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Endometrial Polyp US-Hysteroscopy


Correlation between Ultrasound and hysteroscopy. Diagnostic hysteroscopy. Endometrial polyp in a 54 YO woman with postmenopausal bleeding.

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Laparoscopic Appendectomy Due to Endometriosis

Behnaz Nouri

A patient was 21 years, virgin with history of sever dysmenorrhea. CA125 =88IU and bilateral ovarian endometriomas. The patient under went laparoscopy and we found endometriotic implant of appendix.

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Laparoscopy Adenexal Torsion

Behnaz Nouri

The patient was virgin 15 years old with BMI = 38 and history of sever pelvic pain. A solid –multi cystic mass without ovarian venous flow was reported in trans abdominal sonography. Another ovary...

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Laparoscopic Large Dermoid Cystectomy

Behnaz Nouri

The patient was 29 years old NG with history persistent ovarian cyst. Dermoid cyst was reported in MRI and tumor markers were normal. She was under went laparoscopic cystectomy.

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Laparoscopic Large Paratubal Resection

Behnaz Nouri

The patient was 22 years old NG with history of 12.11 cm persistent right ovarian cyst.Tumor markers were normal. She underwent laparoscopic cystectomy and we found paratubal cyst. Definitive pathologic...

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Focal Retained Products


Hysteroscopic management of retained products of conception. Retained products of conception is usually a focal process. Monopolar resectoscope using glycine as distension medium.

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Lap Cronual Resection

Behnaz Nouri

The patient was PG ,GA 10w+3,BHCG 15000IU,FHR +,and stable without risk factor. Interstitial pregnancy detected by TVS. We performed laparoscopy, after injection diluted va...

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LAP Intraperituneal TB

Behnaz Nouri

Case Report: A 25-year Afghan woman with history of three normal vaginal delivery was referred with manifestations of abdominal pain, abdominal swelling, night sweating, decreased appetite and decreased...

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Interstial EP TVS with FHR

Behnaz Nouri

The patient was PG, GA 10w+3, BHCG 15000IU, FHR +, and stable without risk factor. Interstitial pregnancy detected by TVS. We performed laparoscopy, after injection diluted vasopressin, ectopic pregnancy...

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IUD Extraction

Behnaz Nouri

 A 26 years old woman with history of two cesarean sections received intrauterine device (IUD) for contraception. She visited for check of IUD string, but it wasn’t observed. Vaginal sonography...

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Asherman's Syndrome

Luis Alonso

Asherman's syndrome after D&C. Hypomenorrhea and infertility. Sugical correction using scissors.

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Management of Symptomatic, Post-operative...

Maciej Stukan

Symptomatic lymphocyst can be a complication following pelvic and para-aortic lymph node dissection performed for gynecologic malignancies. Treatment options include observation, drainage, sclerotherapy,...

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Salpingectomy Fallopian Tube Torsion

Marco Arones

49 years old with nonspecific pain in lower abdomen. Pelvic ultrasound: complex left adnexal tumor TM normal Pathology: Fallopian tube congestive, with intraluminal hematoma ...2 months later at medical...

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Laparoscopy During Pregnancy

Marco Arones

This video shows enucleation of an ovarian Teratoma during laparoscopy in a patient at 20 weeks of pregnancy. Surgery was performed because of the adnexal torsion.

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Challenges in Laparoscopic Management of...

Pragnesh Shah

Intruduction: Adenomyosis, partly understood, is called 'elusive' or 'enigmatic' because of its difficult diagnosis, definition, and because of the vague and ill-defined pattern of symptoms. Patients...

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Ectopic Pregnancy

Marco Arones

Laparoscopic removal of fallopian tube only with monopolar in a 42 year old patient with a ruptured ectopic pregnancy. During the procedure was found 1500 ml of haemoperitoneum. Hb 7,4 g/dL

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Adnexal Anatomy Salpingectomy

Marco Arones

In this video you can see a brief but complete presentation of Adnexal Anatomy.

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Laparoscopic Excision of Sigmoid Serocele...

Angel Nedialkov

43 y/o after one laparotomy and three LS resulting in hysterectomy with adnexes. Presented with severe abdominal pain an imaging of multiloculated cyst 10 cm in pelvis.

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FDA Approved Contained Tissue Extraction

Howard Salvay

The FDA has recently approved a Tissue Extraction System for contained removal of surgical specimens. The device features a guard ring and a self expanding bag Tissue placement into the bag is facilitated...

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Amnioperiotneal Fistula


Amnioperiotneal fistula in 27 years old patient after in utero fetal meningomyelocele repair at 27 week of preganancy.

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Postpartum TLH Cornual Palcenta Accreta


Cornual Palcenta Accreta managed by Total Laparscopic Hysterectomy.

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Endometrail Polips with Biopsy

Christian Sanchez

78 years old with postmenopausal bleeding, is performed hysteroscopy watching two polips. Biopsy is done with the following result: polip fibrous

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Hysteroscopy: Myoma tipe1 and Endometrial...

Christian Sanchez

42 yo, 0G presenting diagnosis of infertility, To ultrasound pelvic shows the presence of endometrial thickening (submucosus myoma), takes offive hysteroscopy.

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Hyperplasia Complex with Atypias

Christian Sanchez

64 yo patient, treated with tamoxifen for 3 years for breast cancer. Ultrasound pelvic show endometrial thickening (6 mm).

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Total laparoscopic hysterectomy and bilateral salpingo-oophorectomy with bowel resection for advanced endometriosis using a "dental floss dunk" technique.

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Essure Placement in Oficce

Christian Sanchez

 39 YO who comes to the office for placement of essure. Note that the video is not edites and the time of placement of de devices Washington about 7 minutes.

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Septate Uterus with Double Cervix and Vaginal...

Luis Alonso

Uterine malformations are estimated to occur in 3-4%, of which 35% correspond to septate uterus. Consequently, this anomaly is the most common uterine malformation, with a prevalence of 1-2% in the general...

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Istmocele's Hysteroscopy Correction

Luis Alonso

34 Y.O. patient with postmenstrual bleeding and secondary infertility due to a cesarean scar defect also called isthmocele. Hysteroscopic management.

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