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LESS Cholecystectomy without General Anesthesia

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Surgical video case: LESS cholecystectomy without general anesthesia.

Myotomy for Achalasia with Versius – Luigi Boni

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This video shows the endoscopic and OR view of the laparoscopic and robotic steps taken to perform a myotomy for achalasia using the Versius Robotic System by Luigi Boni. 

Congenital Cricopharyngeal Diverticulum with...

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Surgical video case: 2 year old girl admitted due to deep neck abscess. Abscess drainage was done. But during 1 year neck fistula was formed. Repeated endoscopy were done and finally cricopharingeal diverticulum...

Laparoscopic TAPP in Recurrent Hernia

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This is a female patient with repair by the Lichtenstein technique 1 year before, with mesh covering direct defect, and recurrence through indirect defect, hernia repair is performed laparoscopically...

Laparoscopic Management of Appendicular Abscess

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This video presents laparoscopic management of appendicular abscess. 

Simultaneous Laparoscopic Right Adrenalectomy...

Luca Topazio

Specialty:  Urology
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Here we present the case of a simultaneus laparoscopic right adrenalectomy for pheochromocytoma and right renal tumorectomy. CT, MRI and patient positioning are at the beginning of the video.  

Lap Lymphadenectommy for Right Colon Caner

Hung Do

Specialty:  General Surgery
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This video shows lap lymph node dissection for right colon cancer using lap articulating instruments.

Total Laparoscopic Hysterectomy - Standard Technique

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Surgical technique video: total laparoscopic hysterectomy.

3 Surgical Landmarks for Facial Nerve Identification...

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In this video we will see all Surgical landmarks for facial nerve identification during parotid surgery. 1. Facial nerve trunk lies approximately 1 cm below and 1 cm medial to the Tragal pointer. 2. The...

Hybrid Sigmoid Resection with Versius - Luigi...

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This video shows the endoscopic and OR view of the laparoscopic and robotic steps taken to perform a sigmoid resection using the Versius Robotic System by Luigi Boni. 

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