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Sigmoid Colon Endoscopic Mucosal Resection

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Endoscopy case: EMR allows the removal of tissue to the level of the muscularis propria and is a good alternative to surgery, thereby eliminating the need for surgical intervention and its associated...

Left Adrenalectomy - Laparoscopic Approach

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Video case: laparoscopic left adrenalectomy performed in a female with left adrenal incidentaloma represented by an unfunctional adenoma with increasing volume. The patient was placed on the right flank...

Small Bowel Polyp EMR

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A case of an elderly male in his 70s with history of CAD s/p three coronary stents almost 14 months ago on dual antiplatelets who during workup for iron deficiency anemia was found to have a large mid-jejunal...

Rectal LST-G ESD (March 2023)

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Endoscopic video case: distal rectal adenoma ESD.

Big Severe Adenoma Disturbing Cavity in Unmarried...

views: 2403 comments: 2

Gyneacaology video case: big severe adenoma disturbing cavity in unmarried patient, laproscopic adenoma excision done.

Left Adrenal Laproscopy with Adenoma, Position-Right...

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Video case: laparoscopic left adrenalectomy 40/f with adenoma, position-right lateral approach - transperitoneal.

Real-life HoLEP 21: Diverticular Bladder With...

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This video shows a real-life en-block holmium laser enucleation of the prostate. This patient had a retention of urine with a 2 liter residual and also he had a diverticular bladder with stones.

Real-life HoLEP 20: Difficult Dissection Plane

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This is a case where the differentiation of the plane is quite difficult. It is a nice video that shows some tips and tricks on how to navigate around the adenoma judging the depth of dissection when...

Real-life HoLEP Case Number 7: Refractory Retention-ExcellentExplanation...

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This video shows an En-bloc HoLEP performed with the MOSES 120 watt laser from Lumenis and it explains how to release the apex of the adenoma from the external urinary sphincter while protecting the sphincter...

Laterally Spreading Adenoma

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Gigant laterally spreading adenoma.

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