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Shoulder Replacement

views: 1431 comments: 0

Toby Baring lecture on shoulder replacement.

Metastatic Spinal Cord Compression

views: 863 comments: 0

Michael Mokawem - the webinar is about metastatic spinal cord compression, presented by Mr. Michael McEwen, a consultant spinal surgeon at the Royal National Orthopaedic Hospital. - Metastatic spinal...

Bacteriology and Infection Prevention for Orthopaedic...

views: 646 comments: 0

Sid Kamat. The presentation is about bacterial infection control for orthopedic postgraduate exams. - The presentation covers the basics of bacterial infection and control that can be applied to various...

Essex - Lopresti Injury

views: 724 comments: 0

Ramon Tahmassebi. This is an orthopedic teaching session with a consultant specializing in hand, wrist, and upper limb surgery as the speaker. The talk focuses on longitudinal forearm injuries, also known...

Adult Hip Dysplasia

views: 1269 comments: 0

Usman Kattak - The talk is about adult hip dysplasia and its challenges. - Hip dysplasia is a leading cause of arthritis in young adults. - The condition involves distorted hip anatomy and abnormal...

Principles of Knee Replacement

views: 1190 comments: 0

The orthopedic teaching session is about total knee replacement, presented by Mr. Jehangir Mahaluxmivala, a consultant orthopedic surgeon. - Mr. Jehangir Mahaluxmivala has special interest in lower limb...

Commonely Qouted Literature Evidence for Orthoapedic...

views: 558 comments: 0

The FRCS Mentor Group is running again with volunteers providing free time to help participants. - Siddharth Kamat, a newly passed FRCS Exam, talks about the commonly quoted evidence in FRC exams, which...

Adult Hip Reconstruction for Orthopaedic Exams...

views: 611 comments: 0

Farid Uddin - The presentation is focused on adult hip reconstruction for the FRCS exam. - The presenter is an orthopedic surgeon named Farid from Bournemouth. - The presentation will be recorded and...

Severe Soft Tissue Infections

views: 1112 comments: 0

The speaker, Nikki Walsh, is a surgeon with experience in severe soft tissue infections. - Necrotizing fasciitis is a critical condition discussed in conferences and instructional courses. - Different...

The Rotator Cuff

views: 969 comments: 0

Renjit Issac - The session is a teaching session for FRCS with Ranjit Isaac as the presenter, with Babu and Mohammad Imam as mentors to provide support. - Ranjit is going to talk about rotator cuff...

Avascular Necrosis

views: 1393 comments: 0

Hemanta Das - Avascular necrosis is a commonly asked topic in exams. - It primarily affects the femoral head, but can also occur in other parts of the body.  - The main causes are idiopathic (40%),...

Principles of Fracture Fixation with Plates

views: 481 comments: 0

Shwan Henari - The transcript discusses the importance of understanding fracture fixation with plates and plate design. - It emphasizes the need to consider various factors in plate design, including...

Flashcards for Short Cases for Orthopaedic Exams

views: 446 comments: 0

Amgad Medani - The talk is about a structured approach to short cases for orthopaedic exams. - The difficulty lies mainly in the short cases of the exam. - Time management is crucial, with only about...

Cervical Spine Trauma

views: 481 comments: 0

The webinar is about cervical spine trauma presented by Atar Siddiqui, a spinal senior fellow from London.  - The presentation will cover the evaluation of cervical spine trauma in various exam scenarios,...

Joints Dislocations for Orthopaedic Examinations

views: 322 comments: 0

Athar Siddiqui - the transcript discusses the topic of joint dislocations, specifically focusing on cervical spine, shoulder, and hip dislocations. - In cervical spine dislocations, there is controversy...

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