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Viva & Clinical Case Discussions for Orthopaedic...

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This teaching video is specifically helpful for candidates preparing for the following Orthopaedic Exams : FRCS , European Board (FEBOT) , SICOT Diploma and Arabic Boards For upcoming webinars and courses...

Paediatric Orthopaedic Cases

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Shanaka Serevirathna - tiptoe walking is a condition where the child is unable to make heel contact with the floor during the initial stance phase of walking, and it can be caused by various factors including...

Lunate Instability

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Kashif Memon - the presentation is about lunate instability and associated disorders and injuries. - Lunate instability is a high-yield topic in the Farsi exam. - The anatomy of the carpal bones and...

Non-Union for Orthopaedic Exams

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Shwan Henari - the presentation is about non-union in orthopedics and its approach. - The speaker advises not to panic and describes the importance of staying calm during exams. - The examination begins...

An Overview of the FRCS from an Examiner Perspective

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Dave Cloke, an overview of the FRCS from an examiner perspective. For upcoming webinars and courses , please visit: Please follow us on Twitter ,Facebook ,Instagram,LinkedIn...

Adult Pathology Viva for FRCS

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Waleed Tawfeek. For upcoming webinars and courses , please visit: Please follow us on Twitter ,Facebook ,Instagram ,LinedIn and Telegram Concise Orthopaedic Notes –...

Trauma Case Discussions for Orthopaedic FRCS...

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Maged Elbalony. This lecture is part of a recorded course. For more similar videos , please go to For upcoming webinars and courses , please visit:

The Painful Knee Replacement TKR for Orthopaedic...

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Tamer Sweed - the topic of the presentation is "Painful Total Knee Replacement (TKR) for Orthopaedic Exams." - The speaker discusses the importance of understanding the codes and categories...

Spinal Infections

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Nicola Walsh - spine infections are a critical condition for the FRCS exam and represent 2-7% of all musculoskeletal infections. - The incidence of spine infections is increasing, and it affects males...

Hip Replacement (THR) Instability/Dislocation

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Firas Arnaout - The webinar discusses hip replacement (THR) instability and dislocation. - Mr. Arnaout focuses on providing a structured approach to answering exam questions about hip dislocation in...

Cauda Equina for Orthopaedic Exams

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Ramish Dalwai - the speaker discusses cauda equina syndrome in orthopedic exams. - They emphasize the importance of recognizing symptoms such as acute back pain, bladder or bowel function disturbances,...

SLAC and SNAC Wrist Injuries

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Kashif Memon - SLAC (Scapholunate Advanced Collapse) and SNAC (Scaphoid Nonunion Advanced Collapse) are common post-traumatic wrist arthritis conditions. - These conditions are characterized by radial-sided...

The Sarcomere

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Shwan Henari explains the structure and function of sarcomere - The transcript discusses the function of the sarcomere and its connection to nerve function and action potential. - It explains the process...

Shoulder Approaches for Orthopaedic Fellowship...

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David Hughes: - The teaching session focuses on two shoulder surgical approaches: anterior deltoid-pectoral and posterior approach. - The anterior deltoid-pectoral approach is commonly used for anterior...

Osteotomies Around the Knee

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Omer Zubair - The presentation is about osteotomies around the knee, a topic that is important but often ignored. - Osteotomies were introduced in the 60s and became popular again in the 1990s due to...

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