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ERCP Plastic Stent Malposition

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Endoscopic video case: unoperable panreatic tumor. Plastic stented for jaundice. At present ERCP re-done because of unefficient drainage with stil elevated bilirubin and other markers of cholestasis.

Biliary RFA and Stenting

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This video presents a case of 80 years old male. Asthenia, weight loss, and jaundice. The patient was included in the biliary RFA protocol. Partnership with 

Laparoscopic Cholecystectomy, LCBD Exploration...

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Surgical video case: this video presents laparoscopic cholecystectomy, LCBD Exploration and laparoscopic biliary stenting and primary CBD closure in a case of sclerosing cholangitis after failed ERCP...

Single Use Duodenoscope

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Single-use duodenoscopes, disposable distal ends, or distal end cap sealants could eliminate or reduce exogenous patient-to-patient infection associated with ERCP.  

ERCP + Pancreatic Sphincterotomy and Stone Extraction

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This video presents a case of 67 years old male who suffered from epigastric pain and weight loss in January 2019. Ct SCAN & MRI showed chronic pancreatitis with calcifications. 1 session of ESWL...

ERCP: Needle Knife Sphincterotomy for Impacted...

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During a recent ERCP I had to “deliver" a tricky biliary stone and to do so I had to perform a “biliary episiotomy.” Background: an 87 year old man with Alzheimer’s disease...

ERCP in Altered Anatomy

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Time shift: when 11 o'clock becomes the 5 o'clock position. Use of precut in a patient with Billroth II reconstruction

ERCP and Bile Duct Stone Extraction

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This video presents a case of 70 years old male who suffered biliary acute pancreatitis with lipasemia > 5000 UI/L in August 2019. EUS has confirmed the CBD stone. 9/9/2019 ERCP failed to cannulate...

Duodenotomy & Biliary SEMS-ERCP

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Ca.Head of pancreas with obstructive jaundice.  

Laproscopic Assisted ERCP in Gastric Bypass

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A case of CBD stones and cystic duct stones post Lapchole in a Roux en-y surgical changes Combined

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