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CBD Stone Extraction

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Video case: patient with liver injury, cholangitis prior to procedure due to stone in middle cbd. Treated with sphincterotomy with balloon catheter stone extraction.

Sphincterotomy - How Far is Enough, ERCP Stone...

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Video case: patient with history of recent cholangitis resolving with broad spectrum antibiotics. On endosonography stones in hardly dilated bile ducts. Ampullary orifice located quite deep in diverticulum...

CBD Ascaris

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A case of obstructive jaundice with cholangitis - w worm from CBD (Ascaris).

Laparoscopic CBD Exploration & Choledochoduodenostomy...

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The video shows laparoscopic CBD exploration & choledochoduodenostomy in a case of RPC (recurrent pyogenic cholangitis).

Stone Extraction

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This video presents a case of 77 years old male who suffered from cholangitis due to biliary stones in September 2019. MRCP showed multiple large CBD stones.

Liver Hydatid Cyst Profection to CBD and Cholangitis...

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Liver Hydatid cyst profection to CBD and cholangitis and extraction of doughter cyst with ERCP.

CBD Drainage and Stenting, Pus Extraction from...

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CBD drainage and stenting , Pus extraction from plastic stentin patient with cholangitis by Ahmad Hormati in Shahid-beheshti-hospital, Qom, Iran.

ERCP for Stone Extraction - Macrodilatation /...

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This video presents a case of 85 years old male, who suffered from cholangitis with CBD stones. Huge stone still in place, biliary stent was inserted.

The Fishy ERCP

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An 86 year old man was investigated for haematuria 18 months ago. The abdominal CT scan did not show any renal abnormalities but there was “incidental” massive dilatation of the entire pancreatic duct....

Acute And Chronic Cholangitis

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Which parts of the cut sections of the liver show the inflammatory changes? What is the usual cause of cholangitis? Why might this be called acute and chronic from a histopathological point of view?...

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