cystic duct

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Cystic Duct Control with Suture Ligation

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Surgical video case: safety and feasibility of cystic duct control with suture ligation in our study in the following link: https://journals.lww. com/ejos/fulltext/2024/43020/safety_and_feasibility_of_cystic_duct_control_with.32.aspx....

GB Mesentry Total

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Clinical video case: long redundant gallbladder mesentery like this may add some difficulty in lap chole. As traction on the fundus will not retract the liver which will fall to obscure the field on the...

Entrapped Stone in Cystic Duct

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Video case: gallbladder hydrops, also known as hydropic gallbladder or mucocele of the gallbladder, occurs secondary to obstruction of the cystic duct, often by a gallstone. A diagnosis of gallbladder...

Step by Step Laparoscopic Cholecystectomy

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Surgical teaching video: step by step laparoscopic cholecystectomy. Step 1: Dissection of the hepatocystic triangle. Step 2: Establishing the critical view of safety. Step 3: Cystic artery is clipped...

Stone Impacted in Hartman's Pouch

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Surgical video case: opening the GB for removal of an impacted stone in Hartman's pouch may allow for stenting the cystic duct to facilitate its dissection after visualization of its internal opening....

Ligate the Cystic Duct Just Distal to Hartman's...

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Surgical video case: ligate the cystic duct just distal to Hartman's pouch leaving a rim of the infundibulum to prevent the slippage of the ligature.

Your Test For Patency Of The Cystic Duct And...

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Surgical video case: your test for patency of the cystic duct and CBD may be smooth and easy like this.

If the Cystic Duct is Short and a Stone is Impacted...

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If the cystic duct is short and a stone is impacted in the neck of the GB you can secure the duct only just distal to the stone leaving a reasonable cystic duct stump, then divide between the secured...

After Securing the Cystic Duct and Artery You...

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Adhesions between the liver and diaphragm during laparoscopic cholecystectomy, after securing the cystic duct and artery, proper retraction of the fundus can't be achieved to remove the GB from its bed...

Critical View of Safety

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The critical view of safety is a "window" crossed by two structures: the cystic duct and artery. This is achieved by exposing the base of the liver bed and dissecting Calot's triangle free of...