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A huge HCC

Ahmed Shoukry Hafez

A Huge hepato - cellular carcinoma resected by partial hepatectomy.

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Removal of a Very Unusual IVC tumor via...

Arie Blitz

The technique is described for removing an IVC tumor under circulatory arrest and antegrade cerebral perfusion.

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Advanced Hepatic Robotic Surgery

Clinical Robotic Surgery Association

 This video presents advanced hepatic robotic surgery.

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Double Left Supra Hepatic Vein View In Doppler...

USG Videos

The following material presents a suprahepatic venous system - most frequent anatomical variant.

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Polycystic Disease Of The Liver

Ultrasound images

The video shows PD of the liver in the unltasound technique.

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Metastasic Hepatical Tumor

Ultrasound images

The video clip shows metastatic hepatical tumor discovered thanks to ultrasound technique.

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Rectal Adenocarcinoma - Colonoscopy (7 of...

Gastroenterology Atlas

Endoscopy of Rectal Cancer Adenocarcinoma of the rectum arises as an intramucosal epithelial lesion, usually in an adenomatous polyp or gland. As cancers grow, they invade the muscularis mucosa,...

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Peptic Ulcer And Liver Cirrhosis (5 of 5)

Gastroenterology Atlas

Through the cardias the gastric body is observed with portal hypertensive gastropathy, the video clip shows esophageal varices.

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Peptic Ulcer And Liver Cirrhosis (3 of 5)

Gastroenterology Atlas

Portal Hypertensive Gastropathy. Portal hypertensive gastropathy is a potential cause of bleeding in patients with liver cirrhosis.

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Peptic Ulcer And Liver Cirrhosis (2 of 5)

Gastroenterology Atlas

Portal Hypertensive Gastropathy. A "snake skin" like gastric mucosal pattern consistent with portal hypertensive gastropathy.

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Peptic Ulcer And Liver Cirrhosis (1 of 5)

Gastroenterology Atlas

This 84 year-old male who was hospitalized due a urosepsis and melena one week before underwent a Transurethral prostatectomy, no previous medical history of liver cirrhosis was know. Peptic ulcer...

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Gastric Fundus - Varices

Gastroenterology Atlas

More commonly, bleeding gastric varices are associated with large esophageal varices and are due to underlying liver disease.

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Ovarian Carcinoma with Gastric and Duodenal...

Gastroenterology Atlas

This image and the video clips shows no liver metastases The disease is uncommon in patients younger than 40 years, after which incidence increases. Most cases are diagnosed in the seventh decade...

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Laparoscopic deroofing of simple liver cyst

supriyo ghatak

Emergency laparoscopic deroofing of a simple liver cyst complicated by intracystic hemorrhage(bleeding) in an elderly man. He presented with sudden onset severe pain abdomen and fever.(2008)

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Pancreatic Carcinoma - Histopathology of...

Washington Deceit

The material presents pancreatic carcinoma in histopathological image of kidney, liver, heart.

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Chronic passive congestion with hemorrhagic...

Washington Deceit

Author presents chronic passive congestion, hemorrhagic centrilobular necrosis in histopathological image of liver.

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Cardiac cirrhosis - Histopathology of liver

Washington Deceit

In this video you can see cardiac cirrhosis in histopathological image of liver.

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Lung (view 1) - bone (view 2) - liver (view...

Washington Deceit

In this video histology of lung (view 1) - bone (view 2) - liver (view 3) is presented.

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Liver - Histology

Washington Deceit

In this video the author presents histology of liver.

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Segment Liver resection - Laparoscopic Approach

Maher Hussein

In this video the author presents laparoscopic segment liver resection.

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Laparoscopic removal of Liver cyst

Rakesh Shivhare

This video presents liver cyst removal - laparosopy.

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Echinococcosis hidatid cysts

Bekar Oniani

Echinococcosis hydatid cysts of the lungs and liver are shown.

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Liver - Amyloidosis

Washington Deceit

Name at least three other things which appear hyaline on microscopy, i.e., eosinophilic, glassy, and amorphous, besides amyloid?

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Liver - Primary Biliary Cirrhosis

Washington Deceit

What two histopathologic features seen here prove this is cirrhosis? In which part of the hepatic lobule are the early inflammatory and fibrotic changes the most severe in primary biliary cirrhosis? Portal...

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Lung And Liver- Congestion And Hemorrhage

Washington Deceit

Demonstrate congested (i.e., hyperemic) areas? Why is this called passive congestion?

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Liver - Chronic Passive Congestion With...

Washington Deceit

Which part of the hepatic lobule is congested, the portal end, the middle, or the center of the lobule? Why? Would this be more consistent with a left or a right heart failure? Attach a googled picture...

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Liver - Cardiac Cirrhosis

Washington Deceit

What 2 features enable the diagnosis of any type of cirrhosis? Are they present here. Describe them in words. Why is this called cardiac cirrhosis?

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Kidney: Infarct, Congestion, Liver: Infarct,...

Washington Deceit

Delineate the area of infarction. Show coagulative necrosis. Show hyperemia, i.e., congestion.

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Liver, Lymph Node - Hemochromatosis - Hemosiderosis

Washington Deceit

What stain might you suggest to prove that the golden brown intracellular pigment is hemosiderin and not bile or melanin? Find some. Can severe iron deposition cause portal fibrosis and regenerating nodules?...

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Liver - Fatty Change 3

Washington Deceit

What percentage of this liver's weight might you guess would be fat? Is the overall portal architecture still preserved? Is there inflammation? Is there neoplasm?

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Liver - Hemochromatosis

Washington Deceit

Differentiate hemosiderosis from hemochromatosis. Which is worse? Name three common substances that stain golden brown by routine stains? How do you prove it might be hemosiderin? What stain might you...

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Liver - Fatty Change 2

Washington Deceit

What are the two most common causes of fatty liver, by far? Is fatty change, fatty metamorphosis, and steatosis, all terms for the same thing? What color might this liver be grossly? Why? Might it look...

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Liver - Fatty Change

Washington Deceit

What is MICRO-vesicular fat? How does it differ from MACRO-vesicular? Which one is more advanced? Point out a microvesicle.

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Alcoholic Liver Disease

Washington Deceit

Can the terms alcoholic hyaline and Mallory body be used interchangeably? What is it? Find some. How does it differ from a Councilman body Is fat a major finding of alcoholic hepatitis? Is it commonly...

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Examination Of The Liver

Dr\ Magda ksu

In this video the author presents examination of the liver.

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Central Passive Congestion And Centrilobular...

Washington Deceit

Which part of the liver lobule becomes damaged first in oxygen/flow related injuries? (centrilobular or periportal) Which part of the liver lobule becomes damaged first in toxic related injuries? (centrilobular...

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Liver - Cirrhosis 1

Washington Deceit

What TWO features are ALWAYS needed to diagnose all types cirrhosis? Demonstrate each one.

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Acute And Chronic Cholangitis

Washington Deceit

Which parts of the cut sections of the liver show the inflammatory changes? What is the usual cause of cholangitis? Why might this be called acute and chronic from a histopathological point of view?...

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Esophageal Varices After Endoscopic Banding

Esophageal Varices After Endoscopic Banding

Dariusz Basiński

The material presents esophageal varices after endoscopic banding.

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