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Robotic Pancreaticoduodenectomy with Cholecystectomy...

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Surgical video case: robotic pancreaticoduodenectomy with cholecystectomy for solid pseudopapillary neoplasm.  

TachoSil® in Case of Laparoscopic Cholecystectomy...

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Laparoscopy video case: MIS approach with pre-rolled TachoSil® to prevent from post-resection diffuse bleeding after laparoscopic cholecystectomy.   

Laparoscopic T tube in Mirizzi Syndrome type...

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This video deals with the placement of a laparoscopic T-tube in a patient with Mirizzi Scendes syndrome type IV, a cholecystocholedocian fistula, previously underwent endoscopic retrograde cholangiography...

Difficult Lap Cholecystectomy-Mucocele/Pyocele...

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Surgical video case: 40/F with h/o recurrent admissions for Acute Cholecystitis in last 1 year. Taken for Lap Cholecystectomy at a remote peripheral District Hospital, Ramban of J & K. IOP findings...

The Value of Critical View of Safety and Accessory...

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The video demonstres the importance of critical view of safety during laparoscopic cholecystitis. The meticulous dissection helped in sparing of an accessory right hepatic artery with safe cholecystectomy. 

Transcholedochoscopic Basketing of CBD Stones

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Surgical video case: after the confluence of the cystic duct and the CBD were exposed, an incision was made along the superior wall of the common bile duct. The choledochoscope was inserted into the lumen...

Bisegmentectomy IVb-V

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Surgical video: this is a case of a liver bisegmentectomy IVb-V performed for the treatment of gallbladder cancer discovered after a cholecystectomy. 

Concomitant Sleeve Gastrectomy and Laparoscopic...

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Gallstone disease occurs more commonly in the obese population and is often diagnosed during the preoperative evaluation for bariatric surgery. Concomitant LC with laparoscopic sleeve gastrectomy or gastric...

Lap Cholecystectomy, Choledochotomy and Choledochoscopy...

Hung Do

Specialty:  General Surgery
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Surgical video case: a 79-year-old female was diagnosed with GB and CBD stones, and underwent lap chole and choledochotomy and choledochoscopy for stones. She was discharged on POD 3. 

Cholecystectomy with Versius

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This video shows a robotic assisted cholecystectomy using the Versius Robotic System.

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