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Description of the Flexible Cystoscope

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Cystoscopy, urethrocystoscopy or cystourethroscopy, is a diagnostic test that serves to directly visualize the urethra, the bladder neck (lower part of the bladder), and the inside of the bladder through...

Step by Step Layering Composite I Simple Way

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In this video, dr Griya demonstrates composite restoration of a class I cavity.

Class II Direct Composite Restoration Lower First...

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This video demonstrates how to restore class II cavity in lower first premolar.

Ideal bur For Access Cavity Preparation

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In this presentation, I have explained about selecting the most recommended bur for access cavity preparation, which is efficient at the same time minimizing the procedural errors.

Class III Cavity Preparation for Resin Composite

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A modern approach to the conventional Class III cavity preparation for Resin Composite.

HOW TO Treat Severe Occlusal Decay on Tooth...

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In this video Dr. Chi shows how he treats occlusal decay on tooth #31 for a composite, a nanohybrid material with the ideal combination of esthetics and strength. TIMESTAMPS0:00 - Intro 0:07 - Severe...

Restoring A Tooth Back To It's Original Shape...

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Dr Akhe De Leon presents the whole procedure from opening the cavity and removing tooth decay to polishing and adjusting restoration to patient's bite.

Moderately Deep Caries With Selective Caries...

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In this YouTube video you'll learn about method to manage moderately deep dental caries, as well as, selective caries removal.

Bioclear Matrix | Class II Preparation

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This video shows class II cavity preparation in the simulation lab.

Removing Tooth Decay and Preparing a Class II...

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Learn how to remove a interpriximal carious lesion and how to properly prepare the tooth for the Class II obturation.