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Ear on A Plastic Model

Akram Jaffar

Specialty:  Anatomy
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Quick video about ear discussed on a plastic models. Structures discussed in details: external ear - auricle, external acoustic meatus, middle ear - tympanic membrane, tympanic cavity, inner ear - Eustachian...

Anatomy - Middle Ear

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In this video we will learn about the external and middle ear.

Foreign Body in the Ear

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Video presents removal of a foreign body from a child's ear.

Implantation of the BAHA Attract Subcutaneous...

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This video shows the surgical technique to implant the new transcutaneous abutment less "BAHA Attract" system. This system includes a bone anchored implant that supports a magnet which will...

Ear Drainage

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Ear ventilation tube is recommended in otitis media secretoria remianing at least 3 months and in retraction eardrum in children or an unstabile retraction pocket in adults. The purpose of ventilation...

Otoscopy simulator

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The video presents surgical endotrainer for otorhino and skull base surgery.

Cervicofacial Advancement Flap - Squamous Cell...

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The film presents the resection of a large squamous cell carcinoma eroding through the external ear and the parotid gland. The reconstruction was made using a cervicofacial advancement flap.

An Immflamatory Polyp Of The Ear Passage - Suction...

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This video shows a microscopic examination of the right ear discharge and suction clearance of the ear passage. It was caused by an inflammatory polyp showing as a reddish granulation emerging from the...

Foreign Body In The Ear Passage

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The video shows a removal of a yellowish layer, which fully blocked the external auditory canal. The patient reported the history an insect getting into his ear 2 weeks earlier. Afterwards the patient...

Cavity in the temporal bone after modified radical...

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Cholesteatoma should be treated surgically. This particular video presents the cavity in the temporal bone after radical excision of mastoid. Small area of granulations is visualized over the facial ridge...

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