Restorative Dentistry

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Restoration Of Tooth With Broken Wall | Proximal...

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In this video i have shown the restoration of the upper second premolar tooth with the proximal caries that is the tooth is having the decay at the contact area with the adjacent tooth. The main objective...

Tooth Restoration w/ Gap Closure

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This is a video material of a clinical case - tooth restoration with gap closure.

Restoration of A Fractured Tooth With Silver...

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This video presents a clinical case of a restoration of a fractured tooth.

Restoration Of Tooth Caries - Before And After

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This video shows the restoration of the natural lower first molar tooth having the severe tooth cavity or caries. This decayed tooth is restored by the process of root canal treatment and the zirconia...

Class II Composite Restoration With Hidden Decay

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Direct dental composite restoration of a hidden cavity performed under microscope.

Class IV Composite Restoration

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This video presents class IV composite restoration.

Re-Restoration of Tooth with a Broken Side and...

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 In this video i have shown the replacement of the old glass filling in a root canal treated tooth with the newer composite restorative material which are much better in every aspect than the old restorative...

Restoring Contact Point Using "Composite...

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A easy way to restore proximal area using a light cure composite ball. 1. Apply the matrix2. Flowable composite on the proximal area - NO polymerize 3. Make a small composite ball outside the mouth and...

Proximal Matrix for Anterior Composite Reconstruction

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In this video, the doctor demonstrates who to use proximal matrix for anterior composite restoration.

Proximal Cavity Preparation for Better Matrix...

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I will share with you two tips when you prepare proximal cavities to have a nice matrix fit.