HOW TO Treat Severe Occlusal Decay on Tooth #31: 2 of 2

2 years ago

Case description

In this video Dr. Chi shows how he treats occlusal decay on tooth #31 for a composite, a nanohybrid material with the ideal combination of esthetics and strength.

TIMESTAMPS0:00 - Intro 0:07 - Severe occlusal decay on tooth #31 0:16 - Preparing the cavity for bonding 0:36 - Etching the cavity 0:47 - How to use flowable composite 1:29 - Conclusion 1:55 - Bonus clinical tip

Please Note: After viewing the techniques, procedures, theories and materials presented herein, you must make your own decision about specific treatment for patients, exercise personal, professional judgement regarding the need for further clinical testing or education, and rely on your own clinical expertise before trying to implement new procedures. occlusal decay, caries, how to prep a tooth, dental continuing education, dental ce, dental ce cours, glidewell dental, glidewell laboratories, glidewell dental video, glidewell dental lab, dentistry, dentistry video, dentistry online #DentalComposite #Dentist #Glidewell

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