bone grafting

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Periodontal Microsurgery: Extraction and Bone...

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When a tooth is no longer restorable it can be replaced by a dental implant.

Periodontally Facilitated Orthodontics

Amr Asker

Specialty:  Orthodontics
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In this film Dr Raffaele Spena and Dr Davide Gargenese show how to combine corticotomy, bone and soft-tissue grafting and patient's growth factors to achieve facilitated/accelerated orthodontic tooth...

Alveolar Bone Grafting

Specialty:  Implant Dentistry
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Procedure of alveolar bone grating with usage of autograft and xenograft 1:1, covered by colagene membrane. Video by dr Carlos Repullo.

Narrow Platform Osseotite Implant Placement Into...

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Author presents osseotite implant placement into mineross regenerated bone. The Reganato Lecture Series.

Mandibular Anterior Teeth Replacement With Implant...

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The author of this video presents mandibular anterior teeth replacement with implant bridge. The Reganato Lecture Series.

Ridge Augmentation With Mineross

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This video presents Mineross Ridge Augmentation.

BSB Implant Placement #4 into Mineross Regenerated...

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In this video the author presents bsb implant placement into mineross regenerated bone; previous bone augmentation procedure performed with re-entry at 3 months. The Reganato Lecture Series.

Socket Grafting 101 Part A

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The Reganato Lecture Series" Clinical Presentation: Socket grafting 101; Full mucoperiosteal flap socket bone graft surgery, flapless surgery, minimally flapped surgery examples

Extractions #4-7 With Simple Socket Bone Grafting,...

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In this video you can see atraumatic teeth extractions #4-7 with simple socket bone grafting for maximum bone volume at the time of implant surgery --- optimizing site development for future implant...

Tooth Extraction With Simple Socket Grafting

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This video presents atraumatic tooth extraction with simple socket bone grafting for optimal site development. The Reganato Lecture Series.

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