composite restoration

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Tooth Restoration w/ Gap Closure

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This is a video material of a clinical case - tooth restoration with gap closure.

Class II Composite Restoration With Hidden Decay

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Direct dental composite restoration of a hidden cavity performed under microscope.

Class IV Composite Restoration

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This video presents class IV composite restoration.

Re-Restoration of Tooth with a Broken Side and...

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 In this video i have shown the replacement of the old glass filling in a root canal treated tooth with the newer composite restorative material which are much better in every aspect than the old restorative...

Restoring Contact Point Using "Composite...

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A easy way to restore proximal area using a light cure composite ball. 1. Apply the matrix2. Flowable composite on the proximal area - NO polymerize 3. Make a small composite ball outside the mouth and...

Proximal Matrix for Anterior Composite Reconstruction

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In this video, the doctor demonstrates who to use proximal matrix for anterior composite restoration.

Improper Proximal Shape - Matrix Or...?

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In this video, Doctor demonstrates some perspectives to take in consider when we adjust the metal matrix. 

Mastering Composite Placement: 7 Tips for Perfect...

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I hope these few tips will make a difference. The thumbnail is from a case where I burnished the matrix and sure enough - needed to use these interproximal sander things. If you're looking for a confidence...

Direct Composite With Omnichroma

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In this video, dr Ali Almasoudi presents the case of a direct composite restoration with Omnichroma material.

How to Add Tint to A Composite Restoration

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This video shows how to add tin to a compoosite restoration.