Emergency medicine training

Dive into the world of emergency medicine with our comprehensive videos. Gain insights into critical care, trauma management, and rapid response techniques from experienced medical professionals.

Emergency Medicine is a medical specialty that focuses on the rapid assessment, diagnosis, and treatment of acute and life-threatening medical conditions. Emergency physicians, specialists in this field, work in emergency departments and urgent care settings to provide immediate care for a wide range of medical emergencies, including trauma, heart attacks, and respiratory distress. Emergency Medicine requires a broad skill set, including resuscitation, trauma management, and critical care interventions.

Emergency physicians collaborate with other healthcare professionals, including nurses, paramedics, and specialists, to ensure timely and efficient patient care. The field is characterized by the ability to make rapid decisions in high-stress situations and adapt to a diverse range of medical presentations. Advances in Emergency Medicine include the use of point-of-care ultrasound, telemedicine for consultation, and protocols for mass casualty incidents. Emergency physicians play a crucial role in the frontline response to medical emergencies, contributing to the immediate stabilization and treatment of patients.
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How to Manage Children in Dental Pain - Paediatric...

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Treating dental emergencies can be tough - and on children, it's even more tricky! If the thought of dealing with little patients sends a shiver down your spine, then this one might be for you. This week...

Use of External Cardiac Compressor in the Emergency...

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Protocol for the utilization of the external cardiac compressor within the resuscitation area, intended specifically for undergraduate medical interns in training, as a crucial component of high-performance...

Anaphylaxis Patient Position

Specialty:  Emergency Medicine
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There are different positions to help a patient to recover from an anaphylactic reaction, depending on their condition. When the patient is using their auto-injector they should either lie flat or be...

Anaphylactic Reaction: Symptoms and Treatment

Specialty:  Emergency Medicine
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Anaphylaxis is a life-threatening condition that can be caused by a wide variety of triggers. And while an anaphylactic reaction may present differently in each person, signs and symptoms commonly include...

Abscess Drainage with a Derma-Stent Drain

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In this video we drain an antecubital abscess and try out a new drain called the Derma-Stent drain distributed by Mar-Med.

Removing a Foreign Body from a Child's Forehead

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In this video we demonstrate how to remove a metal rod impaled in the forehead and subgaleal tissues of a two year girl's scalp.

Ventilator Associated Pneumonia (VAP)

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MD Mat Killer lectures on overview of Ventilator Associated Pneumonia (VAP). He goes on to say: what it is, what are risk factors, prevention techniques, and diagnosis and treatment.

Injuries caused by accidents on off-road vehicles...

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In this film Professor Banasiak discusses accidents caused by the rapid and dangerous quad biking. He talks about the causes of the sudden increase in number of accidents of ATV related injuries.

Blunt Hepatic Trauma: Current Management

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Film presentation from Patrick Bosarga contains information about the injuries of the liver. Describing the most common types of injuries, diagnosis and treatments.

Penetrating Cardiac Injuries

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In this film are described types of penetrating injury of the heart: clinical cases, diagnosis and treatments.

Ready for Anything: Critical Care Emergency Preparedness...

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Medical Doctor Jay Doucet ensures how ICU can be ready for disaster or mass casualty event. He describes what is an ICU disaster event, what problems occur in overall managing, and how can staff more...

Challenges in Disaster

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Professor Jay Doucet in this presentation discusses ways of preparation and organization of medical assistance in the event of an accident in which large amounts of persons are injured and or wounded.

Chest Trauma

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Video presentation of Professor Lee and others include information on injuries occurring in the chest area. What are the most common types of injuries and their diagnosis and treatments.

Extra-Abdominal Damage Control Surgery

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Concepts of Damage Control, Raul Colmba, MD, presentation on principle concepts of damage control. He lectures that not all procedures need to be performed when life death cycle is present in patient...

Splenic Trauma: Debate to Embolize or Operate

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The film presents the Doctor discussions of injury cases of the spleen, and which treatment methods are best between embolization or surgery.

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