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The Only Way To Diagnose Gum Disease - New BSP...

Specialty:  Periodontics
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This video was taken from the full video 'Every Dentistry Diagnoses you NEED to know when seeing patients!' which covers all the essential Dental Diagnoses you need to know including caries, pulpal, periapical,...

Open Apex - Diagnosis And Treatment Options

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This videos describes about the best possible treatment options of open apex cases.

Oral candidiasis | Diagnosis and Management |...

Specialty:  Periodontics
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In this video we will learn about the methods of isolation of candida organisms and management of the condition. We will also learn about Candida associated lesions and Secondary oral candidiasis. 00:00...

Diagnosing AML, AML-MRC, and tAML

Specialty:  Hematology
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This animation explains the tests that doctors use to diagnose acute myeloid leukemia (AML), AML with myelodysplasia-related changes (AML-MRC) and treatment-related AML (tAML). It describes the examination,...

Anemia: Lesson 5 - An Approach to Diagnosis

Strong Medicine

Specialty:  Students
views: 1731 comments: 0

An approach to diagnosing anemia, applying knowledge of the diagnostic frameworks, iron panel, hemolysis labs, and blood smear.

Ice Test

UCD Medicine

Specialty:  Neurology
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The film shows the use of the ice pack test in myasthenia gravis. By prof. Nial Tubridy

Detecting Disease Through Breath

Specialty:  Laboratory Diagnosis
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An international team of 56 researchers in five countries has confirmed a hypothesis first proposed by the ancient Greeks – that different diseases are characterized by different “chemical signatures”...

Ventilator Associated Pneumonia (VAP)

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MD Mat Killer lectures on overview of Ventilator Associated Pneumonia (VAP). He goes on to say: what it is, what are risk factors, prevention techniques, and diagnosis and treatment.

Chest Trauma

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Video presentation of Professor Lee and others include information on injuries occurring in the chest area. What are the most common types of injuries and their diagnosis and treatments.

Management of Pelvic Fractures with a Focus on...

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This film shows diagnosis and treatment of the most common types of fractures of the pelvis.

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