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Vascular Surgery is a highly specialized field within surgery that focuses on the intricate network of blood vessels in the body, including arteries, veins, and lymphatic vessels. Vascular surgeons, experts in this field, are trained to diagnose and treat a wide range of vascular conditions, such as atherosclerosis, aneurysms, and peripheral artery disease. They utilize both traditional open surgeries and minimally invasive endovascular procedures to restore and maintain blood flow throughout the body. Vascular surgeons play a critical role in managing conditions that affect the circulatory system, often collaborating with other medical specialists such as cardiologists and interventional radiologists. The scope of vascular surgery extends beyond the cardiovascular system, addressing issues in the extremities, neck, and abdominal organs.

The field encompasses a variety of procedures, including vascular bypass surgeries, endovascular stent placements, and thrombectomy. Vascular surgeons may also be involved in complex reconstructions and interventions to prevent life-threatening complications associated with vascular diseases. By employing cutting-edge technology and surgical techniques, vascular surgery aims to improve patient outcomes, reduce the risk of stroke, and enhance overall vascular health.

Carotid Endoarteriectomy

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Video case: carotid endoarteriectomy - vascular surgeon Dr Maurizio Rodio. 

SEPS: Endoscopic SPJ

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Surgical video case: Sub fascial Endoscopic Perforator Ligation (SEPS) is an effective minimally invasive procedure for the management of perforators in chronic venous insufficiency. This way we can also...

Vascular Surgery Physical Examination

Specialty:  Vascular Surgery
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This video shows proper way of vascular surgery physical examination.

Kilt Technique in Hostile Neck AAA Supported...

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Kilt Technique in Hostile Neck AAA Supported with Endoanchors - a Technique Details and Case Report.

Recurrent AAA Reintervention with the Endurant...

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Video case: recurrent AAA reintervention with the Endurant IIs stentgraft system. Production: MEDtube LIVE.

Transcranial Doppler Monitoring During CEA

Specialty:  Vascular Surgery
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In this video there is demonstrated the transcranial Doppler monitoring during carotid endarterectomy. Surgery: Alan B. Lumsden, MD, Zsolt Garami, MD, Marton Berczeli, MD, Kavya Sinha, MD, and Pooja...

Mesenteric & Renal Malperfusion Following...

Specialty:  Vascular Surgery
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In this video there is demonstrated a case of the patient who presented with type B aortic dissection and had a combination of superior mesenteric artery and right renal malperfusion. He complained about...

Creation of Lower Extremity Arteriovenous Fistula...

Specialty:  Vascular Surgery
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In this video there is demonstrated a creation of arteriovenous fistula on a leg in 42 years old patient who had central venous obstruction. Surgery: Eric K. Peden, MD; M. Mujeeb Zubair, MD; Kenneth Livingston...

Peritoneal Dialysis Catheter Removal

Specialty:  Vascular Surgery
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In this video there is a shown a procedure of removing a peritoneal dialysis catheter in local anaesthesia. Peritoneal dialysis catheter has two cuffs - one is in the fascia and the second is in the subcutaneous...

Coiling and Stent Grafting of Internal Iliac...

Specialty:  Vascular Surgery
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In the video there is presented a case of patient with four centimetre internal iliac aneurysm which was treated by embolizing using coils and then sealing the origin with a VBX stent graft. The approach...