Anaphylaxis Patient Position

3 years ago
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There are different positions to help a patient to recover from an anaphylactic reaction, depending on their condition. When the patient is using their auto-injector they should either lie flat or be sat down. If the symptoms are affecting breathing, the patient may be more comfortable in either the semi-recumbent position, resting on someone else or on pillows. They will find it easier to breathe in this position.
If the patient is feeling cold, dizzy, weak or they are clammy or sweaty, they may have low blood pressure, so you should lay them down with their legs raised up on a chair or something similar, which allows blood to return to the head.
If the patient looks like they may vomit, turn them on their side in preparation, and if anyone becomes unconscious, you should always place them in the recovery position. However, if they stop breathing, then you should begin CPR.

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