How to Manage Children in Dental Pain - Paediatric Emergencies

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5 months ago
Emergency Medicine

Case description

Treating dental emergencies can be tough - and on children, it's even more tricky!

If the thought of dealing with little patients sends a shiver down your spine, then this one might be for you. This week we teamed up with Dr. Emma Ray-Chaudhuri, a paediatric specialist, to tackle the topic of children in dental pain in this episode; How to Manage Children in Dental Pain. We discuss pain assessment for all ages, radiographs, and treatment options in hopes to make this topic a tad less daunting and a bit more fun!

Check out Dr. Ray-Chaudhuri’s website for further details on upcoming lectures spanning various dental topics: https://graystonereferral. com SDCEP guidelines: https://www.sdcep.

Highlights of the episode:

01:32 The Protrusive Dental Pearl

03:11 Dr. Emma Ray-Chaudhuri

09:23 Children in pain

11:13 Babies and toddlers

12:18 Preschool/school children

13:20 Teenagers

15:15 Building rapport

17:00 Radiographs

26:06 Fissure sealants and brushing

29:58 Abscesses

31:10 Irreversible vs. reversible pulpitis

32:49 Temporary restorations and the hall crown technique

39:08 Pulp therapy

42:24 The FiCTION trial

44:45 Cleansable cavities

45:59 MIH

50:03 Sensitivity

54:24 International variations

55:56 Dr. Ray-Chaudhuri’s socials

56:58 Outro

If you liked this episode, you will also like Paediatric Dentistry Communication and Prevention Part 1: /paediatric-dentistry-1 and Part 2: uk/paediatric-dentistry-masterclass-clinical-part-2-pdp024. Did you know? You can get CPD from the Web App or Phone App and watch premium clinical videos, for less than a tax-deductible Nando’s per month? Just head over to https://protrusive. app


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