valve replacement

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Echo Evaluation of Prosthetic Valves with High...

Chi-Ming Chow

Specialty:  Cardiology
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Echo evaluation of prosthetic valves with high flow velocities. Vesna Mihajlovic, MD. Date: September 23, 2021. Objectives: 1. Early and late complications of valve replacement. 2. Differential diagnosis...

Patient with Double Valve Endocarditis and Fistula...

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Patient with pulmonary valve endocarditis and aortic valve endocarditis and fistula between these double valves and trunc. Undergone pulmonary artery base reconstruction and fistula closure and valve...

Patient with Multiple Systemic Embolism and MV...

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Clinical video case: MVR in patient with GCS 5 and PLT 50000 and multiple systemic embolism after sternotomy and CPB and CC via interatrial groove valve replacement done. With good post operative course...

Tricuspid Regurgitation - Causes, Pathophysiology,...

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"Tricuspid regurgitation is characterized by the backflow of blood into the right atrium during systole. The Tricuspid valve is an atrioventricular valve preventing blood from flowing from the right...

Minimally Invasive Aortic Valve Replacement for...

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84 year old man with symptomatic severe aortic stenosis. Preserved left ventricular function. Mild coronary disease. Calcified femoral arteries. We explain our surgical technique in this video performed...

Aortic and Mitral Valve Replacement via Sternotomy

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74 year old lady with aortic and mitral valve stenosis and regurgitation due to rheumatic valve disease. She reported breathlessness on exertion over the past 12 months. Surgery performed via sternotomy....

Removal of Right Ventricular Mass and Tricuspid...

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A brief case presentation is followed by a narrated operative video. The case presented here is that of a young male who presented with a large right ventricular mass that involved the tricuspid valve...

Valve Replacement Surgery

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The video presents the case of a 35-year-old man suffering from aortic stenosis. The speaker mentions other cardiac diseases and their sympthoms as well.

Huge Hiatal Hernia

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In this video you can see huge hiatal hernia.

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