robotic lobectomy

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Robotic Pulmonary Right Upper Lobectomy, Unedited...

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Video case: this 52 yo male had a 28mm semisolid lesion in the right upper lobe. Patient is a never smoker. This is an example of an easy robotic right upper lobectomy. Surgery made easy because of young...

Unedited Robotic Right Upper Pulmonary Lobectomy

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74 year old lady with a asymptomatic incidentally discovered persistent right upper lobe lung 3.5cm spiculated lesion with mild FDG PET uptake. She opted for surgical resection following a period of observation...

Robotic Middle Lobectomy

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Surgical video case: middle lobectomy - robotic.

Robotic Upper Bi-Lobectomy

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Surgical video case: robotic upper bi-lobectomy.

Robotic Lobectomy for Carcinoid Tumour Occluding...

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Bronchial carcinoid tumours are rare neuroendocrine tumours. They account for 1% to 2% of all lung tumours. They are typically a slow-growing neoplasm with varying behaviour, however, they can grow rapidly...

Right Middle Lobectomy with Versius – Patrick...

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This video shows a robotic assisted right middle lobectomy using the Versius Robotic System by Patrick Bagan. 

Robotic Middle Lobectomy of Lung

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Right middle lobectomy performed robot assisted using the DaVinci Xi robotic surgical system. This patient had a 2cm mass deep within the right middle lobe. Being a smoker and having a history of colon...

Left Lower Robotic Lobectomy

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Left lower robotic lobectomy. The lesion was found occasionally at the pandemic.

Right Upper Lobectomy

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Video case: robotic lung resection, right upper lobectomy.

Robotic Right Middle Lobectomy of Lung

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This lady had a 3cm tumour of the lung within the middle lobe (ML). It had a large semisolid component that occupied most of the inferior half of the lobe. We removed the ML using the Da Vinci Xi robotic...

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