Unedited Robotic Right Upper Pulmonary Lobectomy

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a year ago
Thoracic Surgery

Case description

74 year old lady with a asymptomatic incidentally discovered persistent right upper lobe lung 3.5cm spiculated lesion with mild FDG PET uptake. She opted for surgical resection following a period of observation over 6 months. This is an unedited video. We have sped up the video x2 as a minimum and at times x4 and x8, to improve its watchability. We believe an unedited video has added value over and above a heavily edited video as the audience can observe the uncertainties and inefficiencies, and even the errors, in the conduct of the surgery. The console time of the procedure was 93 minutes. The patient had no air leak and thus the chest drain was removed 16 hours postoperatively. 

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