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Is it Portal Vein to Proceed or Not

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On entry for Lap Chole I found this view, is it a portal vein anomaly? Venous malformations were extensively encountered, to complete the procedure or to abort it? I ask for the opinion of the experts. 

Cardiac Pulsation Left Subphrenic Adhesions Spleen...

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Is it a normal variant of cardiac pulsations? Is there a cardiomegaly? Does the diaphragm look thin? These subphrenic adhesions on the left side are encountered in a virgin abdomen, and are sometimes...

Extensive Intraperitoneal Adhesions

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Surgical video case: If you encounter adhesions like these on your first port entry for Lap Chole in a patient with a previous laparotomy (exploration) 17 yrs ago for acute abdomen with no available operative...

Single Instrument Intracorporeal Knot or Shalaby...

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Surgical video case: single instrument intracorporeal knot or Shalaby Ismail Knot in congenital hernia repair for an infant 11 months old.

Laparoscopic Right Congenital Hernia for 4 Years...

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On doing laparoscopic right congenital hernia for 4 years boy, the external iliac vessels were so near to the inguinal ligament that repair of the defect carries the risk of injury. Also, I found the...

GB Retrieval

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GB retrieval within a retrieval bag is essential to protect the port site from contamination and to avoid such unnoticed spill of such big stone in the peritoneal cavity. A homemade retrieval bag may...

Traction Not Essentially on the Fundus

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In huge distended GB traction on the fundus can be displaced to be on the body to achieve a suitable view of the porta hepatis.

Search for Cystic Duct Stones

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If you palpate a stone in the cystic duct please try to extract it.   

Extralaryngeal Branching of the Recurrent Laryngeal...

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Do you know that there is extra laryngeal branching of the recurrent laryngeal nerve?

Loop on Friable Base of App

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In complicating neglected appendicitis the appendix was sloughed until a friable base. I apply a loop on this friable base.