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Avulsed Appendix

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Surgical video case: don't apply force to tighten your loop on a severely inflamed and friable appendix, otherwise, avulsion of the appendix will occur.

Uterine Manipulator

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The uterine manipulator will delineate your colpotomy site even in difficult cases to complete your hysterectomy during TLH. 

Take Care it is a Caterpillar Hump

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During Lap Chole is it common to see the Caterpillar hump of Rt hepatic artery?    

Please Take Care it is the Caterpillar Hump of...

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During Lap Chole is it common to see the Caterpillar hump of Rt hepatic artery?    

Division of Cystic Artery in the Presence of...

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During lap chole is it common to see the Caterpillar hump of Rt hepatic artery?

Impacted Stone at Hartman

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Difficulty in dissecting the Calot triangle may be solved by opening the Hartman to remove an impacted stone in Merrizi syndrome type I like my case here.

Adhesiolysis for Entrapped Omentum in a Parietal...

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Laparoscopic video case: exploration and assessment for Ch abdominal pain with a history of gynecologic operation and appendectomy 20 yrs ago with no available operative data. Adhesiolysis of the intestine,...

Laparoscopic Appendectomy for 12yrs Old Boy

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Lap appendectomy for 12 yrs old boy through three ports 5 mm, for retrieval of the inflamed app one was replaced by an 8 mm port. Only monopolar and bipolar diathermy was used in addition to (*brand hidden*)...

Essentials for Safe Thyroidectomy

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Awareness of the anomalies of the recurrent laryngeal nerve as here the presence of non-recurrent recurrent laryngeal nerve, preservation of intact blood supply to both parathyroid glands, the careful...

Ligament of Berry Release During Thyroidectomy

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Take care: the area of the ligament of Berry where the thyroid gland is firmly attached to the thyroid cartilage is the commonest area to injury of the recurrent laryngeal nerve.