laryngeal nerve

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Laryngeal Nerve Palsy or Paralysis (Anatomy,...

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Laryngeal nerve palsy usually refers to the palsy of the recurrent largyngeal nerve. The recurrent laryngeal nerve is responsible for both abduction (opening) and adduction (closing) of the vocal fold....

Essentials for Safe Thyroidectomy

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Awareness of the anomalies of the recurrent laryngeal nerve as here the presence of non-recurrent recurrent laryngeal nerve, preservation of intact blood supply to both parathyroid glands, the careful...

Non Recurrent Laryngeal Nerve Another Case

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Awareness of the anomalies of the recurrent laryngeal nerve is essential to avoid its injury during thyroidectomy. In this case, it was non recurrent laryngeal nerve; notice its exit from the vagus nerve...

Are These Roots of Nonrecurrent Recurrent Laryngeal...

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Surgical video case: on doing total thyroidectomy, hypoparathyroidism, and injury to the recurrent laryngeal nerve are dangerous complications. Preservation of the blood supply intact to the parathyroid...

Thoraco-Lap Esophagectomy - Thoracic Part 2

Hung Do

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Surgical video case: dissection along the right recurrent laryngeal nerve is a complex procedure that requires good skill. This video shows part 2 of the thoracic procedure in MIS esophagectomy.

Extralaryngeal Branching of the Recurrent Laryngeal...

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Do you know that there is extra laryngeal branching of the recurrent laryngeal nerve?

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