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Second Loop for Appendix

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Surgical video case. Do you prefer to apply a second loop for securing the base of the appendix or not? Your personal experience.  

Appendix Retrieval Within The Port

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Surgical video case: is it justified to retrieve an appendix like this through the port without a retrieval bag? i.e. the port is used as a retrieval bag.  

Laparoscopic Appendectomy for Beginners - A Step-By-Step...

views: 2001 comments: 3

This easy to understand video demonstrates the basic steps of performing a standard, uncomplicated laparoscopic appendectomy for junior and trainee surgeons.

Ileal Flange

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Video case: in an appendectomy, in 11 years old boy the ileal flange encroached upon the base of the appendix and interfered with the proper assessment of the site of the base to avoid leaving a stump.

Acute Appendicitis with Pregnancy With Right...

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In the case of acute appendicitis with pregnancy please don't go directly to the appendix. Explore the entire abdominal cavity first. You may find a right oblique inguinal hernia, adhesions of a previous...

Evacuation Of The Contents Of The Appendix With...

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Video case: evacuation of the contents of the appendix with suction to facilitate its retrieval through the minimal port size.   

Searching for Mickel's Diverticulitis

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Surgical video: in the case of acute abdomen diagnosed most probably as acute appendicitis, when the appendix is not so inflamed that another pathology is suspected, please search for Mickle's diverticulitis....

Examination of the Adnexa and Sigmoid Colon in...

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VIdeo case: examination of the adnexa and sigmoid colon in the acute abdomen that is diagnosed as acute appendicitis is essential especially if the appendix doesn't interpret the severity of the pain.

Laparoscopic Resection of a Appendiceal Mucocele

views: 2103 comments: 4

Laparoscopic resection of appendiceal mucoceles has recently been described, but the safety and efficacy are controversial. We present this case of laparoscopic mucocelectomies involving15 cm cystic masses...

To Achieve The Minimal Port Size For Retrieval

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To achieve the minimal port size for retrieval of an appendix, I changed my port size from 5mm to 8mm then to 10mm then it needed dilatation for retrieval of the appendix. I don’t use a retrieval...

To Avoid Stump Appendicitis

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Video case: to avoid stump appendicitis dissect your appendix properly until the base at the meeting of the tinea coli, then you can apply your loop at the base exactly.

Gravity Is Your Best Friend

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Gravity is your best friend to explore the pelvis. In case of acute abdomen, even if the appendix was inflamed, don't omit the exploration of the pelvis.

Laparoscopic Appendicectomy for Gangrenous Appendix

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Video case: acute appendicitis is a surgical emergency that needs immediate surgery. Laparoscopic approach for the management of acute appendicitis is an effective and safe technique. Apart from benefit...

Avulsed Appendix

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Surgical video case: don't apply force to tighten your loop on a severely inflamed and friable appendix, otherwise, avulsion of the appendix will occur.

Laparoscopic Appendectomy

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Surgical video case: the method used for closure appendix base during laparoscopic appendectomy is important in terms of the simplicity of application, biocompatibility, price and other characteristics...

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