porta hepatis

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Porta Hepatis LN Dissection May Need a Surgeon...

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Video case: porta hepatis LN dissection may need a surgeon more delicate than me.    

Porta Hepatis LN Biopsy

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If you find a sizable porta hepatis LN like this on doing lap chole. Will you remove it for histopathologic examination?

Bleeding in this Area of Porta Hepatis Especially...

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Surgical video case: bleeding in this area of porta hepatis especially in the presence of anomalies, like this posterior Caterpillar hump of Rt hepatic artery, must be managed after proper exposure with...

Traction Not Essentially on the Fundus

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In huge distended GB traction on the fundus can be displaced to be on the body to achieve a suitable view of the porta hepatis.

Cross Sectional And Imaging Anatomy Of The Abdomen

Akram Jaffar

Specialty:  Anatomy
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The video presents cross sectional and imaging anatomy of the abdomen. Video by Dr. Akram Jaffar, Department of Medical Neuroscience Dalhousie Medicine New Brunswick