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Endoscopic Anatomy of the Ear

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Teaching video ENT: endoscopic anatomy of the ear. 

EFTR of Sigmoid Colon Polypectomy Base

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Endoscopic video case: a 86/M with triple vessel disease + post PTCA with CCF-severe LVD, was admitted with bleeding PR. A colonoscopy was done - showed a short pedunculated polyp of <20mm at 25cms...

Achalasia Endoscopy in Situs Inversus Totalis

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Endoscopy video case: situs inversus totalis is a rare congenital disorder characterized by a completely reversed position (mirror‐image) of the thoracic and abdominal visceral organs. This preoperative...

LST-G Hybrid ESD Resection

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LST-G rectal lesion resected with hybrid ESD (due to patient becoming finally uncooperative). Resection in endscopy unit without sedation. Snare size 35mm embedded into proximal incision.

ESD + Resection Bed Clipiing

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Endoscopy video case: ESD + resection bed clippng.  

Pedunculated Rectal Polyp

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Video case: endoscopic removal of pedunculate polyp.

Pancreatic Gastrostomy

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Video case: EUS-guided drainage of the pancreatic duct is a safe, feasible alternative to endoscopic retrograde drainage when the papilla cannot be reached endoscopically or catheterized. 

EUS Guided Pancreatic Necrosectomies

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Video case: EUS guided pancreatic necrosectomy. 

Serious Spot Like Bleeding Point

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Video case endoscopy: tiny spot not easy to spot ... cousing big bleed in elderly lady. Thorough examination, reinserting enoscope with a cap enabled finding the culprit lesion. Clipping being curative....

ESD of a Gastric Lesion. Use of Traction Wire.

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Traction methods are essentially used to facilitate visualization of the submucosal layer, thus enabling accurate identification of the cutting line and submucosal vessels. Traction is thus a promising...