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Endoscopic PORP Tympanoplasty for Chronic Mucosal...

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Surgical technique: this is a step by step demonstration of a type 3 tympanoplasty for treating chronic mucosal otitis media.

LST-G - Mixed Type - ESD Resection

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A video case of ESD resection series presenting LST-G polyp in a young lady. Resection in "enblock fashion". Specimen was retrieved and sent to histopatology... report pending.

BIG LST-G Mixed Type pEMR Resection

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Endoscopy video case: LST-G mixed type at 40 cm from anus, located in a flexure with enhanced respiratory and vascular mobility. Procedure started with lateral incision. Piecemeal endsocopic mucosal resection...

ESD of a Huge 11x5 cm LST-G Mixed Type in Frailty...

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A case of over 80 years old patient with frailty syndrome who disagreed surgical treament... . Huge 11 cm LST-G mixed type with sessile component resected in enblock fashion... .  

Endoscopy in Large Hiatal Hernia with Intrathoracic...

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Endoscopic video case: paraesophageal hernia and intrathoracic stomach. In more severe cases of hiatal hernia, the fundus, or upper portion of the stomach, may slide upward into the chest cavity through...

Achalasia Endoscopy in Situs Inversus Totalis

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Endoscopy video case: situs inversus totalis is a rare congenital disorder characterized by a completely reversed position (mirror‐image) of the thoracic and abdominal visceral organs. This preoperative...

LST-G Hybrid ESD Resection

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LST-G rectal lesion resected with hybrid ESD (due to patient becoming finally uncooperative). Resection in endscopy unit without sedation. Snare size 35mm embedded into proximal incision.

Flat Perianal Lesion - To Treat or not to Treat...

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Endoscopy video case: dlat perianal lesion... is any treatment neccessary or shall we leave it alone? Histopatology biopsies taken... What diagnosis do we expect? 

SEMS Overgrowth

views: 1472 comments: 0

Pancreatic tumor with biliary distal occlusion treated with SEMS. Comes back jaundiced... previous retrograde attempt in another centre failed... . Referred for trangastric or transhepatic EUS approach...

EUS Guided Pancreatic Necrosectomies

views: 1707 comments: 0

Video case: EUS guided pancreatic necrosectomy. 

Gastric Hyperplastic Polyp

views: 3268 comments: 1

Endoscopy video case: the majority of gastric hyperplastic polyps are found incidentally, as usually they are asymptomatic. However, giant gastric hyperplastic polyps may present with a variety of non-specific...

CBD Stone Extraction

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Video case: patient with liver injury, cholangitis prior to procedure due to stone in middle cbd. Treated with sphincterotomy with balloon catheter stone extraction.

Underwater Endoscopic Mucosal Resection (UEMR)

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Underwater EMR (UEMR), an alternative resection method for colonic neoplasms, avoids the need for submucosal injections. In comparison with reported outcomes of EMR, UEMR achieves similar rates of complete...

Piecemeal EMR for Left Colon LST-G Polyp

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Lower bleeding in a 72-year-old man on warfarin, endoscopy: 45 mm x 25 mm LST-G polype in the sigmoid colon, piecemeal EMR.

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