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Endoscopic Biliary Stent Removal

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Video case endoscopy: endoscopic biliary stent removal after common bile duct exploration. After CBD exploration and stone removal, patients may undergo closure of choledochotomy with an antegrade biliary...

Flat Centrally Slightly Depressed Lesion, Combined...

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Endoscopic video case: flat centrally slightly depressed lesion, combined ESD EMR resection. Severe fibrosis cenrally probably due to biopsies done a few weeks earlier in the other medical center. Enjoy...

Laterally Spreading Tumor EMR in the Right Colon

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Clinical video case: LST removed in the right colon. NBI imaging revealed no worrisome endoscopic features. The polyp was removed successfully using Endoscopic Mucosal Resection technique. HIstopathology...

Malignant Afferent Loop Syndrome Obstruction...

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A middle-aged male with a history of pancreatic head cancer s/p Whipple procedure 12 months ago presented with afferent limb syndrome due to malignant obstruction. This was successfully treated with EUS-guided...

Pedunculated Rectal Polyp

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Video case: endoscopic removal of pedunculate polyp.

Small Lesion Rectal Untroubled ESD

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Endoscopy video case: small lesion rectal untroubled ESD.

Esophageal SMT Resection

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Video case: this clip presents endoscopic resection of esophageal submucosal tumor. Previous EUS assessment prooved submucosal tumor suitable for endoscopic management.

Papillary Tumor Exposed

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Tumorous papilla of Vater... after sphincterotomy pathological masses are exposed.

Peace-Meal EMR for a Large LST in the Right Colon...

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Endoscopic video case: 20 years old man with history of crohn desease, ileocecal resection 8 years ago, discovered on colonsocopy screening of a large LST in the right colon NG, Nice 2, biopsy found a...

EUS Guided Pancreatic Necrosectomies

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Endoscopy video case: EUS guided pancreatic necrosectomy.

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