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EUS Cyst Aspiration

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A case of cystic lesion of head-neck region of pancreas - suspected to be in communication with PD-?IPMN on CT & MRI. But EUS showed compression of PD by the cystic lesion. After aspiration of cyst,...

Pancreatic Gastrostomy

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Video case: EUS-guided drainage of the pancreatic duct is a safe, feasible alternative to endoscopic retrograde drainage when the papilla cannot be reached endoscopically or catheterized. 

Ileocolic Intussusception of Ileal Lipoma as...

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Endoscopic video case: lipomas are benign, and usually submucosal, mesenchymal tumors. Gastrointestinal lipomas are located primarily in the right colon, and to a lesser extent, in the small intestine....

EUS Guided Pancreatic Necrosectomies

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Video case: EUS guided pancreatic necrosectomy. 

ERCP + Pancreatic Sphincterotomy and Stone Extraction

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This video presents a case of 67 years old male who suffered from epigastric pain and weight loss in January 2019. Ct SCAN & MRI showed chronic pancreatitis with calcifications. 1 session of ESWL...

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